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What are web apps and how can they help me?

Webs apps are pieces of online software that fulfil a purpose. A web app can be part of a website or a separate software tool. It does not need to be installed, as users access it through their web browser.

For example, you may already have a website but need an application to provide an online portal for subscribers. Or you may need a complex, clever application that will take huge amounts of raw data and extract certain information from it.

An app - whatever it may be - performs a function.

Applications make life easier:

Apps should work hard so you don't have to. Or at least, allow you to spend your time doing the things that a human does better than a machine.

We're here to listen to what you want, understand how it needs to work, and provide a solution.

Even the complex solutions will be as streamlined as possible when it comes to using them, we like to put our heads together and come up with the best way to utilise technology on behalf of our clients.

Building, testing, supporting:

We make sure that what we’ve produced is what we set out to produce, and ensure it all works correctly on varied device types.

We like automated and manual testing, making sure that where possible we have automated tests to cover the design functionality, backed up with the manual testing. You can’t beat a human set of eyes looking at it.

We'll work to ensuring that product continues to perform in the way that it’s expected long after the product is launched.

Long term support for mobile apps is key to it's success as new devices and device updates often change the underlying systems which could otherwise harm performance of the application.

And as user uptake of your application grows, we'll work with you to collect and analyse information about usage and help to guide design changes and enhancements.

We like to maintain relationships with clients over the years, supporting systems, offering advice, and remaining a part of the project.

Why choose web over desktop?

A web app is often chosen due to ease of maintenance and support. Rather than having software installed on your computer, it is hosted centrally in one place, and you login to access. If there is a problem, an engineer does not usually need to look at your computer.

A device dependent desktop application will have limitations on the type of computer it can be used on, for example developing something with the Microsoft language has to run on Windows computers. A web app has greater flexibility.

Web apps do have the limitation of dependence on the user having access to a web browser, and an internet connection - although this is much less of a limitation than in the past.

Eastpoint Software Web Apps Development Company Cambridge and London are a great way to reach out and grow your business, but they also have specific benefits. Mobile apps can utilize phone features, such as notifications, camera and location, broadening the scope of what can be achieved. We work on software projects, including apps and websites, for clients across East Anglia and London. To  speak to us about your website, app, or content management system  requirements, call 01603 690164 or email info@eastpoint.co.uk.

Visit us:  http://www.eastpoint.co.uk/Web-Apps/

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