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How Developers build eCommerce Mobile Apps - Eastpoint Mobile App Development Process!

53fad8ddeaa6225082014.jpgeCommerce Mobile App Development process:

 If you’re someone who has had an idea for a mobile app and would like to know more about the process and costs, hopefully this blog post will shed some light.

We work with non-technical clients as well as technology partners and agencies – this article is aimed at clients with little prior knowledge of how apps work in terms of the build, but have got a great idea from a user perspective that they want to see in action.

Cost and time:

Most developers will tell you something along the lines of ‘how long is a piece of string’ when asked how much a web app costs.

And of course, they’re right, but it is possible to give a guideline. For any app, you are looking at thousands rather than hundreds. Most apps will take weeks to design, build and test, at least.
You are unlikely to find much below £5,000 in terms of building a complete app, and that would be for a very simple one.

It is likely you will want to budget more than that, particularly if you have specific, potentially complex, requirements. The number of devices you want your app to be suitable for will also affect the cost.

Who builds it? Who designs it?

We are a tech and design company, so we can create all aspects of the app. A lot of app designers will take charge of the entire project – so writing the technology that powers the app, and designing the way it looks to the people using it.

We are happy to accommodate your design requests – whether that’s us working on the technical development, you doing the design yourself, or providing us with the designs from somebody you already work with. Some companies will always want to do the design in-house, this is something to check.

What is the mobile development process?

If you are starting from scratch with a new app developer, it’s likely you will first chat about and confirms your requirements. Once everyone is on the same page, the technical solution will be decided and the user interface designed, so you know how it will work from a user’s point of view.

App development will then begin in earnest and once completed, full testing and QA is carried out. Once you sign off the app, it will be ready for you to use, sell, or look at in awe.

Maintenance of mobile apps and future work:

Your app will be good to go and often comes with a warranty for a specified time. However, software may need other updates in or outside of this time to keep it ticking over, or you may want to refresh your app in the future with new ideas, improvements or additions.

About us:

We are a software team based in Cambridge and London. We build web and mobile apps, as well as websites and eCommerce Platforms. We provide Mobile Apps Development and eCommerce Website Development Platforms in Cambridge, London and UK.

Visit us: http://www.eastpoint.co.uk/

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