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The year is nearly over, so let’s look back at what Eastpoint’s little developer elves got up to this year.

What happened at Eastpoint Software in 2014?

Mobile and tablet apps:

More people are using mobiles and i Pads these days. We all know this because we all do it, it’s simple, quick, and doesn’t involve waiting for a PC to load up while staring existentially out of the window. Apps are a great way of presenting a product or service in a way that’s easy for customers to use, which makes  Web, Mobile and eCommerce Application Development increasingly beneficial investment.
We are keen to continue building more mobile and ecommerce apps next year. Get in touch with us about your mobile app idea on info@eastpoint.co.uk or, as Blondie would say, call me on 01223 690164.
Responsive websites:

Websites that were built to be viewed on a monitor do not always look so studly and buff on a little screen. Some need a helping hand and seem need to be built from scratch (a great opportunity to zhuzh up the website and maybe re brand like you always meant to).
Having a website that adapts to different monitors and devices is called responsive, and is a popular and wise investment. We’ve carried out several of these software development projects this year.
Website upgrades:

Websites are just like anything else – they get tired, things change around them, and they need a bit of fairy dust because they are sad. We’ve carried out many enhancements and additions this year.
Outsourcing App Development:

We often work with technology partners to deliver skills that they do not have in-house. This year we worked on several long-term web app development projects.
Emerging Technologies:

Our clever clogs developers are always learning new technologies and adapting how they work. This year, our favorite new technology was AngularJS, which we used on a cyber security app. Intriguing!

There’s been more interest and understanding of agile working – which means completing a project in stages without having to decide on the entire project’s timeline and spec at the outset. This allows you to change the spec or scope as the software product is built, so it can evolve during the build to the benefit of the final product.
Testing and QA:
We are Eastpoint Software Mobile App Development Services Company Cambridge, London and UK. This year a full-time QA lead joined our team. Welcome! Now get back to work. Working with us in 2015 If you are looking for web, mobile and eCommerce app and software development or outsourcing in Cambridge, London or the UK, give us a call on 01223 690164, or email info@eastpoint.co.uk. Let us know your requirements and we’ll see what we can do!
If you’re looking for an estimate for an app, let us know the details you have and we can provide a no-obligation quote. We specialized in ecommerce apps and software development.

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