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Massive Black Friday sales from mobile devices in the US – Eastpoint Software

A report released by Adobe has shown that this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the biggest ever in the US, with $11 billion in online sales during the long-weekend sale.

Adobe’s estimates, based on aggregated anonymous data spread over millions of visits to thousands of websites, show other trends within the record spending.

Mobile shopping

As businesses mull over the worth and profitability of mobile app development or mobile-friendly versions of an existing website, figures continue to rise for the popularity of purchasing via a mobile device.

According to Adobe, sales via a mobile device accounted for 34% of sales, the majority of which were made on smartphones. Of those, iPhones were used for 67%, leaving Android with 33%. Sales via tablet were down a couple of percent to 15%. In the UK, iPhone and Android mobiles are split about about 50/50 in terms of use, so it’s worth noting that this figure may be less relevant when considering the reach of iOS development versus Android mobile development in the UK.

Adobe also highlighted how shoppers like to browse via mobile too, accounting for 53% of shopping visits on Black Friday, split 40% for smartphones and 13% for tablet.

Mobile use in general was up on last year, and again singled out as a future growth area, this time by analysts Com Score, who have predicted a 14% rise on last year for holiday mobile sales.

What does this mean for retailers thinking of mobile development?

For those thinking of mobile versions of a site, or mobile friendly layouts, mobile sales aren’t slowing down and iOS or Android mobile development would look to be a good investment.

Although consumers prefer desktop for certain purchases (usually higher priced items) it is clear that we’re increasingly using our mobiles and tablets to make quick, convenient purchases.
Eastpoint Mobile Apps

If your site is not optimised for mobile, you could miss out on sales. It does depend on your target audience, but the expectation is that we want to be able to browse and buy on mobile devices.

Incidentally, according to Adobe the iPad Air 2 was one of the top sellers on Black Friday. Another little factoid from Adobe is that of the estimated $905m worth of purchases via mobile devices on Black Friday, iOS iPhone and iPads accounted for 75% of that total.

What about mobile ecommerce in the UK?

Ok, so these figures relate to the US. UK mobile shopping is usually in line with the US – we all know Black Friday itself is a US phenomenon based on the Thanksgiving weekend, which Brits have embraced in recent years.

However, if you’d prefer to just look at UK figures, please refer to our upcoming article on mobile device sales in the UK.

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