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The report, by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, shows how users are accessing the internet, how long they are online, and their favourite websites and apps (Facebook and Amazon!).

Mobile app popularity

The report showed that during December 2015, 65% of minutes spent online were via a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). So in terms of time spent online on devices, a significantly larger amount of time is spent on mobile devices, accessing either websites or apps.

As more businesses look to mobile app development to cater for the amount of people using their smartphones to access the internet, these stats show this is a continuing trend. Year-on-year, comparing the month of December, there was also an increase on the amount of unique hits with a 7% increase for mobile and a 5% increase for smartphones.

Mobile apps absorb a huge amount of online time

When looking at online minutes spent purely on mobile devices, more of this time is spent on apps rather than websites. In fact the difference is huge – 86% on mobile apps, 16% on mobile web.

This difference does have a theory behind it. A mobile app is likely to be a game, music or chat app that you may use for prolonged periods, whereas a website is often something you take your information from, or make a purchase, and then leave.

Is Mobile Apps Development more relevant if your audience is younger?

When looking at Windows, Android and iOS Mobile Apps Development as an investment, or perhaps when considering a mobile version of your website, it’s sensible to look at audience. Who is accessing your information and how? The IAB report suggests the difference between young people accessing apps and mobile web and older people isn’t so big.

While people aged 18-34 spend two thirds of their time online via a mobile device, those aged 35-54 spend half of their online time on a mobile device. Both of these is an increase compared to last year.

Do websites get more hits from people using computers, or people using mobile devices?

Currently desktops are still top, with 68% of all website hits coming from computers, according to the study. However, mobiles at 32% are on the rise, whereas hits from computers are declining as a percentage of all hits.

What does this tell us about mobile apps?

Both mobile apps and mobile specific websites are getting increasing amounts of traffic. With the use of mobile devices for internet access increasing across age groups, it is becoming an essential marketing tool or function for businesses.

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