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Mobile traffic accounts for 65% of all online shopping traffic in the London and UK – Eastpoint Software


Mobile traffic accounts for 65% of all online shopping traffic in the UK, London Cambridge and Richmond – Eastpoint Software

Ecommerce via a mobile phone or tablet has overtaken ecommerce via desktops and laptops for number of visits, with two thirds of all online website visits being mobile.This is a higher overall percentage than the US, Germany and India. The stat of 65% of online ecommerce being via a mobile was taken from January of this year.

The report is by Similar Web, a website analytics company. We’re looking at a snapshot of findings below, relating to mobile ecommerce.

Rise of Mobile ecommerce in London, UK, Cambridge and Richmond

Mobile ecommerce (sometimes referred to as mcommerce) has been growing steadily over the years, with mobile versions of websites being an increasing area of investment for businesses.

As an example, for Black Friday, Similar Web said that for 25 large retailers (including Amazon, Ebay and Argos), the daily average amount of visits per site was 761,000 for desktops and just under 1.4 million for mobile devices.

Desktops still popular

While more traffic was shown to go through mobiles, shoppers spend more time per visit on desktops. In turn, they also view more pages than those looking on their smartphones.

Mobile conversion rate lower

While mobiles have proven to be massively popular for online shopping, there is one significant aspect in which it is still catching up to desktop, and that’s with purchasing.

In previous research by IMRG, it showed that conversation rates on mobile, while lower than desktop, had gone up significantly year on year. The IMRG study also showed that more sales themselves (rather than traffic/visits) are through a mobile device.

So while visits and sales are higher on mobiles, the conversion rate is still lower.

The report by Similar Web shows that smartphones are at a 1.16% conversion rate, while traditional computers are at 3.65%. Interestingly the tablet, in between sizes, fares pretty well, much closer to computers at 3.22%.

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