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We believe that small businesses and start-ups can gain a competitive edge through flexibility.  When you have a start-up business you don’t necessarily have a crystal clear idea of what you will be  doing a year later, so you need to have room to manoeuvre.  Your product may need to evolve, respond to the market, and grow as your customer base grows.

Whether that’s a website, a management system, a mobile app or any other software product, you will need a software development company who can understand this process.

Creating your product and getting what you want:

At Eastpoint Software , we work with customers to discuss both the long term vision but also what needs to be done in the short term to achieve your goals.

We are fond of the agile process (working in ‘sprints’ to complete work in stages, rather than committing to an entire project outright and then building it. This means you can adapt the overall plan as you go, rather than sticking rigidly to a theoretical idea that might not pan out).

This agile process can work very well for start-ups and small businesses, because you work towards a long-term vision, but only focus on what is important for that stage of the project or business.

Working with you Our team will work with the software product owner to understand long term aims and help identify shorter term objectives, to enable clients to take a product to market rapidly, test user feedback and evolve into latter versions.

We are fully on-board with the the lean start up philosophy and our processes have been developed to support that.

Working with us:

We want your start-up to succeed. Expect frequent, transparent communication about project success, combined with technical expertise, including project management, programming, user interface design, testing and all our knowledge to give you the best possible start.

Eastpoint  Software Development Services for your small business or start-up:

Smaller companies, and companies just starting out, often have different priorities and needs to established or larger companies.It is important to work with a software development company who will understand this – and we do.

We apply the same high standards to all our work and have plenty of software solutions for small businesses and lean start-ups, whatever the budget.

Contact Eastpoint Software on 01223 690164, or email us at info@eastpoint.co.uk.

We are based in Cambridge and have lots of experience working with clients across East Anglia and London.
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