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Exercises you can try for Tummy Firming

Tummy firming can be a daunting task for many people because it may seem that it does not work. However, it is very important to take up exercises to keep your tummy down while you also get a healthy body. It is good to enhance your looks and also and relax your muscles in the process. Here are some of the bets exercises you can try when you need to cut down your tummy.


Taking Matt Exercises

These are exercises you do on the matt like crunch, bicycle and plank. These work to strengthen the abdominal muscles and thus helping flatten your tummy. bauchstraffung The crunch is done while one lies on horizontal position, knees bent and feet pushed on the mat. The head is supported by the hands, the tummy contracts and the chest is lifted from the floor. Practice this several times a day and you will see the results. The bicycle requires you to have your hands behind the head while still lying in horizontal. With the elbow cross to the knee, try twisting around the tummy. The plank is done with push-ups that make the stomach contract thus tummy firming is achieved.

Stability Ball

Use a stability ball to perform various exercises for the tummy firming. You can forward traverse while rolling with your knees. It is also good to try stretching with arm and legs while still stretching on the floor.

Medicine ball

These exercises are done while standing and hold the ball around the chest. Extend the hands, stand forward and slightly bend the front knee to form a 90 degree angle. You can try using the medicine ball on the right and keep the arms extended fully. Keep repeating some of these exercises daily and you will get a flat tummy just as you would love.



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