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Free Final Cut Pro X Video Tutorial From IzzyVideo

The lack of a recognition of prior learning” is one of the disadvantages of using FCPX and yet, on Alister Robbie's first FCPX just 3 days into his edit he found himself 4 days ahead of schedule. The pro editing community pretty much wrote Apple off, and FCPX largely became an afterthought in the editing world. Let's say I wasn't alone in my feeling that Apple no longer cared about pro editors. While everyone was sitting around their edit suites, telling each other how terribly Apple was treating them, Apple was busy making FCPX a hell of a lot better. In the months after the release, Apple began releasing regular updates of the software.

I am currently able to edit a 4k RED feature film in FCPX using nothing more than a Retina Macbook Pro (or even a Mac Mini) and a Thunderbolt equipped G-Raid. I've fully switched over to FCPX for all of my projects, and I now basically laugh at anyone who tells me what I can't do with the program. And If you're a young filmmaker out there, you might as well beat the curve, and start using FCPX now.

So I decided to just fork over 40 bucks and get Ripple Training's Apple Pro Video Series which was updated for 10.06 (and now 10.0.7 as of this writing). Since booting up that trial version last November, I've edited about seven client projects with FCPX and three personal projects. There's nothing I did with FCP7 that I can't do with FCPX. I took the liberty of keeping a running list of all the things I love about FCPX. Funny enough, one of my editors still tries to make FCPX work like FCP7.

Primatte Keyer 5.1 is a complete compositing solution, not just a keyer, because it includes two controls that allow it to seamlessly match colour and lighting between the cut out subject and the background. A new Auto Compute algorithm in Primatte Keyer 5.1 will enable you to automatically cut out the foreground and immediately place it in another scene without the need for much fine-tuning afterwards.

On another note as well, we have seen a huge surge in videos uploaded to sharing sites with the FCPX tag attached. While FCP X can't do it directly, there is a simple workaround that will give you the same results. Next, I have to edit these to a new sequence (FCP X project) into order to export. Thankyou for the demo I was hopeful that maybe this update would Pixel Film Studios inspire me to buy back into FCP. P.S. I was hoping FCPX would be more like CS6 in use of downrezing this appears not to be the case.

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