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Mommy's first poem..

Life changes and it happens so fast,the times we've had can never last.But not every change is bad, sometimes it's for the better,sometimes we have to write "the end" and begin a new letter.Put all the letters together and you will have a book of life,every letter is another chapter, every word a pi...


Another happy ending..

26.05.13 Another "happy ending", it cuts like a knive, Another broken heart, too many for one life. Is this all there is to the concept of love? A smile, a kiss, the broken wings of a dove? Memories so sweet they tear the heart apart, A life in Inferno, like the words of Decartes. The pain of ...


The truth will set me free..

Februar 2013.I know it’s not going to last. I know we have an expiration date. I know I’m going to get my heart broken. But maybe it’s worth it. Maybe we’re worth it. Maybe you are. How many times do you find someone who makes your heart flutter? Who makes butterflies fly in the bottom of your s...


Hate is the only feeling that makes sense..

18.10.12Dette er ikke mine ord, men et citat/poem som jeg føler med.It's hard not to hate.People, things, institutions.When they break your spirit and take pleasure in watching you bleed.Hate is the only feeling that makes sense.But I know what hate does to a man.It tears him apart, turn him int...


I'll never change..

31.07.12 It's so hard standing on the outside looking in,wanting what you can't have, knowing you can't win.No matter how much I change, how much I give,I'll never be able to break free and forgive.Forgive myself for being so damned weak,why am I always feeling like such a freak?This tim...


The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to...

10.02.12 The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to,the lonesome is me, but what do I do?I just sit here, getting soaked in my own bad mood,wondering over and over how things got so screwed.I'm sitting here, looking at the moon,wondering what I've done to deserve this doom?How ...


Jeg kan ikke miste, jeg vil ikke miste dig... part 2.

Sommeren 2010. Jeg har ikke en præcis dato på, hvornår jeg skrev disse. De er blevet redigeret en del hen ad vejen. Men de betyder stadig al verden for mig.  Da mor gav mig nyheden, gik jeg i chok, Jeg tænkte: "har moster ikke snart lidt nok? Og hvad med dine børn og din mand, Er ...


One Hell of a quest...

06.02.12 All I want is for one guy to prove to me that he's not like all the rest,but it's turning out to be one Hell of a quest.How can this be so damn complicated?Is it really an impossible dream that my mind has created?A dream of the perfect match, the perfect one for me,A dream ...


Decisions, decisions...

14.01.12 How do we pick up the pieces of a broken life?Can we ever get over the hurt? The pain?Does it ever truly mend?Or do we simply learn to live with the pain?Creating something new, something different from the pieces.Trying not to look back, but every time, we fail.Because the hurt is ...



How the Hell can you make me so confused?From this, I will not recover unbruised.My heart is crying, my mind is screaming,I never even knew that I was only dreaming.A dream of happiness, of no more pain,maybe this will be the tear that drives me insane.I feel so lost, 'cause I don't know what to...

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