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Hello and welcome. 
My name is Anders Rasmussen, i have been running a elo boost service for about a year now. I have 4 other players working for me, all at 2k+ solo rating at their personal accounts. These are experienced people that have worked several accounts before this site was created.

Why purchase elo boost now?  
With the soft reset on ladder that has happend recently, your season 2 rating will be the top rating that you achieve from now on and untill the end of season. Meaning that if a elo booster plays on your account and gets you to example 1600 and you afterwards drop to 1400, you will still receive a reward and medal for your 1600 top rating.

We are discreet. 
In the time i have been doing this i have never had any complains of accounts that have been banned while/after we had been giving elo boost. Our elo booster will not respond to people messaging you.

It's simple.
If you wish to purchase elo boost all you have to do is fill in this form and send a email to: Andersrasmussen94@gmail.com
Account name and server (we cover EUW and Nordic/East only)
Current elo
Target elo

Contact with the booster.
You will be assigned at booster for your account and receive hes skype name. If you see him online at skype you can simply write to him and ask if he is playing on your account. You may only log in if he is not online on skype or if he responded that you are allowed too. This way the boost will always be smooth and you might get some tips along the way.

I will always respond with a price offer within 24 hours

The price is different, depending on what elo you are on and what your target elo is. If you want to go from 1200-->1500 it's gonna be cheaper then going from 1500-->1800.

Price estimate.
A boost like 1200-->1350 will cost you about 38 USD, this is only a estimate, i'll respond with a offer on your account.

Payment method.
All payments will happen over paypal. This is a simple service and easy to create. it can use both your credit card or your online bank.
My paypal email is Andersrasmussen94@gmail.com

If you have any questions regarding my service, feel free to mail me at 


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