Elyfay Dreads - Dread styles
Dread types

Dreads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, these are the different types that I offer. PLEASE be specific about which types, and how many of each you want when ordering! Feel free to write me with any special requests and I'll see what I can do.


Single ended (SE): A dread with a single loop at the top which the hair is pulled through and then braided down along the dread.

Double ended (DE): A long dread which is folded in half, and the hair is braided along one side of the dread.

Harlequin: Double ended dread where each half has a different color and/or style.

Solid: Single colored dread.

Swirled: Two colors swirled together.

Blended: Two or more colors blended together to create a new shade.

Transitional: One color transitioning into another.

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