Elyfay Dreads - Install & aftercare

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There are different ways to install and wear dreads, I will describe one of the easiest and most commonly used methods.


When you purchase a dreadkit from me you'll receive either 100 SEs or 50 DEs, which will determine how you do the sectioning. For SEs you'll need to divide your hair into 90-100 sections, depending on how full a look you want to achieve, and whether you want to leave your fringe out or not. Starting at the neck, you'll want to make square sections, about 5 or 6 at the neck, and work your way up using a brick pattern. This is very important, as the upper layer of dreads will hang down and cover the gaps between the dreads.

When you're done sectioning the back, go ahead and section the sides too, and work your way up to your parting. Try and follow your 'natural' parting when sectioning, that way the dreads will hang in a more natural way.

For DE's, section your hair in rectangular shapes, twice as high as they're wide, still using the brick pattern as before. This works better for DE's, as there are '2' dreads pr DE so to say, hanging on top of each other, so you'll need twice the hair per DE compared to an SE.


For SE's, you'll need a crochet hook OR a thin, flexible metal wire of some sorts, any will do really. Bend and twist it, creating a small loop, this is your installation tool. Now take the first dread you want to install at the back, and loop it through the wire. Take your section of hair and also loop that through the wire (if you're having trouble fitting it in there, expand the loop, or twist your hair a bit so it fits in easier). Now comes the 'tricky' part, pull the dread out of the loop and onto the hair, and push it up against the scalp. Then, divide the section of hair into 2 strands, and braid the hair around the dread, using the dread as the third part of a 3-way braid. Secure the end of the hair with small, strong elastics. Repeat.

DE dreads need no tool, but a couple of jaw clips come in handy. Take a rectangular section at the back, and divide that into 2 sections lenghtways. Now take your dread and place the middle of it between the 2 sections, and secure the top of the dread with a jaw clip. Cross the sections, folding the hair over the dreads and under the dread (make sure it's tight enough) then braid the hair down the dreads either using a 3-way braid OR the blanket stitch method, which I prefer. Repeat.

For harlequin dreads: Make sure the bottom half of the dread is the same color as your own hair, this way the upper dread will hide the braid better.

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