Elyfay Dreads - Terms & conditions

These are the terms and conditions you agree to, when ordering synth. dreads from me. Please be sure to read the whole thing, to avoid misconceptions when ordering.

I will not be held responsible for any problems, which were already explained in here. In general, the specifications of an order are not changeable once I've started making the dreads.



Payment can only be done using paypal or by person. Period. An intial payment must be made to cover the material costs in case of cancellation, the remainding amount must be paid for before the order ships out.


Dreads can not be returned, for hygenical reasons. Only if the product is faulty or damaged will it be dealt with.

Processing times

Orders generally take around 4 weeks to complete, excluding shipping times. This is, however, just a guideline, the excact time will vary depending on the type of order.


Postage will vary depending on the size of the order and the location shipping to. I only charge the costs for packing supplies and postage. contact me for international shipping prices.

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