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GRAND CEREMONIE - kajira momo

December 19th, 2011 our kajira momo got her grand ceremony. This ceremony was to celebrate she finished her 4 weeks probation period successfully.
In the arena she walked through the tunnel of submission. Ubar Jacco Loring memorised she proved to be an active kajira, with really good idea’s. She is busy organising some OOC parties. She has enrolled in New Bristol kajira training, and is a succesfull student. 
She also decorated the arena, and the kennels with some Christmas trees, and snowmen. All citizens and kajirae are proud that momo is part of our village. Momo, we are proud of you, girl.


December 12th, 2011 - Grand ceremony for Lady Jezebel Dejavu
Lady Jezebel Dejavu had her Grand Ceremony, because she has finished her probation period some time ago.
In our village we have the tradition to have grand ceremonies after people have been four weeks with us. In this ceremony the people involved are recognised as full member of the village community. Ceremonies may be different from time to time. On December 12th, 2011 Lady Jezebel Dejavue got hers. She did not expect it, we wanted to surprise her, at the beginning of the meeting of the High Council. Just after the meeting had begun, two kajirae, dressed in white ceremonial cloaks entered the arena, and brought her to the homestone. At the homestone Ubar has made her bleed by cutting in her finger with a piece of glass. some drops of blood were sprinkled on the homestone. After this ceremony all congratulated Lady Jeze. The two kajirae have been standing next to her during the rest of the meeting.


December 12th, 2011 - Building Plans
Our builder, Sado Munro, will start building a bathhouse. This will be close to the kennels, with a separate entrance for Men and Women. The will not use the same water. There will be a door between both parts, so kajirae can switch easily from men's department to women's department.
Also has been decided that some alcoves for kajirae may b
e built in the basement of the castle, or on a second floor of the kennels.
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