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Elysium Island is a Gorean community.

We strongly believe that friendlyness and respect for all
are important elements for a healthy Gorean community.


You are most welcome to join us. 
We can use more citizens and kajirae who want to participate actively in the community.

City Statement

The Village of Elysium Island wants be a safe and peaceful environment,
where people* can live in a safe environment in a community
which is based on friendship, mutual trust and respect, 
all within the Gorean culture and within the village laws
(see addendum). 
*people, defined as Free citizens and kajirae.

To achieve this we:

- organize periodically ceremonies to celebrate important events in the community

- organize different activities on village- and on intersim levels

- make people involved by giving them responsability for activities

- develop a good communication- and news system

- require all people to participate actively in the community

- where needed teaching people in Gorean behavior and culture

- when needed helping people to investigate what living in our village does to them and their behaviour, and how they react on other people

- select people who want to live in the village

- have a four weeks probation period to get to know each other and to see whether there is a fit

- ...

The village is open to all adults who agree with this statement.
People who do not behave according to this statement, will be asked to leave the community.
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