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Hiring a wedding DJ in Perth should not be so complicated if you know what you want and you work hand-in-hand to make your wedding fabulous and entertaining. The reception should be the highlight of your wedding because it will be the part when all your friends and relative gather together to celebrate you very special day.
Before hiring a DJ, you should first talk to him. Have a short interview so you will know if his style fits your taste for music. If possible, meet him in person so you will have a better idea how he relates to people and how good he is in handling conversations. His appearance and his voice are of great importance; see how he talks and if he has a good sense of humor. DO NOT merely rely on phone interviews, chances are you will not be satisfied with the services you will get from your DJ because he may sound interesting on the phone but in reality it might become a disaster and ruin your wedding and regret it for the rest of your life.
DO talk to your DJ about your musical choices, what type of music your family and friends will appreciate. Share the songs that arte meaningful to you and your partner. These song choices will make your wedding program a memory worth remembering for the rest of your life. DON’T let him choose the songs by himself only because you are more preoccupied with some other details of your wedding, chances are you and your family will not enjoy the party because you cannot dance to his choice of music.
DO tell him about the main concept of your wedding. Discuss your preferences and if you have a theme for the event. Tell him what types of guests are coming and whether there are more young than old or otherwise. Ask your friends for any suggestions on the type of music so they will enjoy your wedding too.
Ask for his suggestions based on the details you have discussed. Let him incorporate his concepts on how to make a better version of the music you have chosen. He might have better suggestions or at let him give you a sample presentation so you can have a better picture on what his style will sound on your special day.
DON’T limit your DJ to your choices, otherwise he will not have the chance to improve and make the event more enjoyable with such limitations. Anyways, what’s more important is that you want your guests to enjoy the party.

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