EnglishNVC - Analysis of the advertisement

Target Group


Graphic Design

Very simple design with a few shades of blue. Lightblue is used for the background. On the top left/middle is the main logo placed "Meet the Silvan´s" The logo is kept simple in dark blue and white color but on the A is a red triangle design to keep it more interesting. 
The two pictures on the left is cutted out in a form of a circle and overlapping each other. And having there names placed on the pictures in the same style as the ”Meet the silvan” logo.

On the right side is a man standing and holding a luorescent ”lysstofrør” but this picture is not cutted out in a special shape or design.

Photobucket Overall very simple design and pictures.

Participants and key object

as I read an article from one of the other assignment (Encl. 1), Silvan are using real sales employees for the advertising, Tv-commercials, and weekly magazines.

Parts of the advertisement played by words
I am unsure about this one

Foreground versus background
The background is simple with a lightblue color in one shade wich focus more on the foreground.

Symbols and associations
I am unsure about this one, as I cant find any Symbols and associations.

All three characters have there names from celebrities.
Per casso - Picasso a famous painter
Elton -  Elton John a famous singer and writer
Deko Line - I am not sure about this one

Panel title

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