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Date: 06 June 2011

To: All employees at SILVAN/Birkerød

From: Store Manager

Subject: Complaints about our service

I would like to inform all of you that during the last two weeks I have received several complaints about our service level in our store from costumers.

This is a problem which I take seriously and I will ensure that we all can solve this problem together.

Therefore I all want you to attend a meeting, about how we can do better after we have closed up the store.

Here is some points that I want we all discuss during the meeting.

1: How to meet a costumer.

The most important thing to do is how you approach the costumer. Do it with a smile and be yourself.

2: Eye contact.

It is important to have eye contact during a conversation if you are talking about a product and giving information. Always have a good eye contact with the costumer.

3: Start your conversation with something unique.

Try start your conversation with the costumer with something you usual don’t do.

Example: If the costumer is standing with some bath accessories you can ask the person if she is out to do some shopping for her bathroom and smile after wards. It is something else than “Hello how can I help you?”

If you have any questions or need some information I am always at my office or Email me.

Email: STM@SLBR.com


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