EnglishNVC - Silvan employees as TV stars
Susanne Christensen the marketing manager was unsure about using real Silvan employees for the advertisement campaign.
she wanted the message to be credible as possible.
And you can meet the person who is in the Silvan campaign in a normal Silvan store.
but apart from being strong in the price range and selection they have a strength in their people, that they want to blabber with.
The idea with the "Meet the Silvans"is based on an analyze that shows 90% of a group from a wide range of costumers have been Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the service they have received since their last visit.
Only 3% was unsatisfied.
The analyze bureau who conducted the study thought they made a mistake, because for so great satisfaction is almost unheard.
the employees have access to courses and other further education to be better to provide information to the costumers.

Stik ord:

marketing manager: marketings chef
credible: troværdigt
price range: prisklasse
selection: sortiment
Conducted: gennemført
courses: kurser
further education: videre uddannelse

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