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I have worn and loved my original ergo baby carrier for pretty much 3 years. Given that I've got a summer baby, I ordered the sport version because of its lightweight fabric---thinking it will be exactly like the main with the exception of fabric and longer straps. This isn't the truth. The experience is cut for a bigger frame. ergo baby carrier sale For me personally there is too much unpadded area on the front of the straps so that the padded part just covers my shoulders (I will be 5 foot 2). In addition, with front carry, I'm can not reach behind my back and secure the strap that connects the 2 main band in order to avoid them from slipping. I've got to ask a person to buckle the strap for me or perform some serious contortion (and sweating) to get it done myself. Also, the activity version is wider as opposed to original so my infant really has got to straddle my entire torso instead of letting his legs dangle somewhat. Additionally,regardless of the lighter fabric, it is hot. It doesn't matter what fabric a carrier is made of, having two bodies touch in 80+ degree weather causes some serious heat so pricier miracles. I'm keeping this simply because we require 2 carriers for our 2 kids and my husband can wear this comfortably. Personally, the original is much better. Lastly, one of many snaps about the hood has recently popped off and it's only been a couple of days. Hopefully Ergo customer satisfaction will send out a fresh one.
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