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little hands tightly grasp the big hands of Tang Yi, walking on the father side, the small appearance of happiness very proud very. During the two sessions of one hundred and twentieth chapters to Beijing), southern Sichuan Provincial Party Secretary Liu sound open and wise performance has received significant media attention at home and abroad, the provincial party committee secretary of the just in his early fifties is generally considered to be the party within the newly emerging one of the most powerful figures. But the real Birkenstock Sandals active figure in the political arena is not a concern in two sessions on an unusually low profile Tang Yi.


Several representatives of the Eastern Liaoning delegation at the NPC session, praised the CPC Central Committee and the State Department in recent years in the national economic construction and the efforts to improve people's livelihood, but also on behalf of local people made a number of pertinent suggestions and retention of views, these statements usual sense will be considered to represent the views of the Tang Yi has been some research to discuss in private. Tang Yi has not been interviewed in public in consideration of the the Liaodong group considered Zuigao Jian and the supreme law of the report were made only once more than five minutes speech. Tang Yi in this but not reported speech once again stressed the judiciary to talk about fairness and justice, In the living room, An Xiaowan wearing a tender pale green skirt, orange petals are running around in circles out on the coffee table in his mouth, should be in the preparation of the fruit plate, and probably did not expect Tang Yi and his father will be so fast to come. An Xiaowan Beauty blushed mouth orange petals not swallow, sound vague greeting, "Tang, Tang Shuji." and then eat phase too unsightly and ran into the kitchen Birkenstock Almeria Women. fzxaminehy we must strive to resolve social conflicts and build a fair society. And talked about the primary court system and the legal profession should be a sound regulatory system, there should be clear accountability measures, the department of a major miscarriage of justice, regardless of the parties in which a position should be held accountable. Tang Yi, on various occasions the sound is less and less, because many words are no longer needed his own in terms of power, his every word contains the enormous pressure, only the parties in order to clear the feeling two is said to Liaodong group considered a report the night in the Zuigao Jian and the highest law, a judiciary of the country held a special meeting pay on Tang Yi speech.


In two sessions, the successful conclusion of the next night, about the Prime Minister should be safety, Tang Yi came Yuhuatai Building, Tsui shoot this piece of pine trees seem mysterious and imposing classical buildings used to be another power of the Republic of Shen heart Today, this former imperial garden is mainly responsible for the reception of foreign guests, party and state leaders or occasionally in a meeting and a short stay. From Nanjing back to Beijing's Liquid Premier is very humble and low-key, own request admitted to Yuhuatai, but wanted to come, because he returned to Beijing, do not know how many people sleepless nights. Contact Ann Prime Minister on staff split to reflect the safety Prime Minister affinity, there is no shelf inside and outside the Prime Minister, security there is a substantial way and, on the count he put governance opponent difficult to find against the reasons for his. When shaking hands with Prime Minister and security, Tang Yat heart secretly sigh, fortunately, not an opponent. Security Premier smile is felt very mixed force, it is like a bath spring breeze, holding the hand of fzxcmine Tang Yi smiled, a guest from afar, my masters of music but also music ah! "Tang Yi smiled. a low voice, "Prime Minister of Safety." in front of the air cool and lively as ever, middle-aged man, eyes filled with the wisdom of his gaze, as if all of your ideas can not escape his eyes, but it seems not to bring any pressure. "House sit Birkenstocks outlet." Hear staff report Tang Yi to Angolan Prime Minister welcome to the hospital, pines Tsui shoot in the red brick road involuntarily solemn heart of people rises.

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