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Tang Yi smiled and waved. Saw Wella the Xueni rebuke one, sat down beside Tang Yi, said: "In fact, I remember, you drink coffee without sugar in my house that night, you drink coffee without sugar. "Wella hear more ugly face. Tang Yi busy interrupted her thread of her conversation, and asked:" on your trip, I was not trying to communicate with Wella about. "Snow Minnie Tao:" Are you responsible for arranging the schedule to Wella, starting today, February 10, I heard your arrangement. "Wella dissatisfaction hum loudly, apparently not satisfied with the decision of Xueni Xueni do not care for her, laugh diligently asked Tang Yi:" Mr. Birkenstock Almeria Women magician, you three magic runs out? Tang Yi fzxaminehy How can mood to coax the little girl to play?


Anton, not to take her to the street crazy, nodded, surprised to find Wella Xiong Baba looked at myself, Kanliao Yan Xueni her face expectations slowly turned to disappointment, blue, such as the eyes of the sea, it seems a little lonely. Tang Yat heart is a move to help her chose this path for her, fortunately or unfortunately? want to do thousands of the hearts of the goddess, we must learn to endure loneliness. Tang Yi smiled and said: "Today's magic is used up, but you can advance tomorrow, ah, the old rules, any desire to? Zero after honored. Xueni smiled, look man, said: "I must have stumped you! "Frowning, thinking, murmuring to see Tang Yi is a burst of laugh. Thought for a moment, snow ni smiling fzxcmine conspire Tang Yat ear, said:" The magic wand you to Wella become stupid pig, OK? "Oh, gas, such as blue, the girls to sweet blowing Tang Yat hearts slightly hop. Tang Yi tactful child Kanliao Yan Wella, see facial expressions, Wella is extremely concerned about the two conversation, is frowning, apparently because not hear the two talk. Tang Yi to make a gesture: hehe Xueni. smile, Tang Yi helplessly: "days after the star, you know naughty you? Fans will be disappointed. "Xueni slowly stopped smile, Wella, and that female bodyguards, said:" Wella, Betty, you can go to the room to sit down for a while?


"Apparently she private have something to Tang Yi said. Wella slight frown, but still on the bodyguard point nod, two into the east side of the study. Tang Yi picked up a coffee drink a fleet of snow-ni beautiful blue eyes blink of an eye does not blink at, laughed: "more than two years, not seen, do not know? "Yi, you have a girlfriend do? Xueni suddenly asked very seriously. Tang Yi Weie, nodded: "I'm married. "Xueni gently sighed, disappointed and said:" I should think. "Turned around and looked at Tang Plaza: whispered:" I have not forgotten you, and often think of your smile. Think of your magic. Tang Yi Leng. Then smiles: "Because I am pretending to be a mysterious thing. The trip to Anton and see me fill, you return to the United States. Certainly bored me very, very, afraid we do not want to see me. Xueni chuckle: "Maybe. "Tang Yat take a look at the table, got up and said:" "he is often said that the magician? Well, Oriental man, looked very cunning. Wella immediately sat on the coffee table opposite start questioning Xueni. Xueni blankly looked at the coffee cup, do not say anything. "Snow-ni, you have to remember his own identity Birkenstock Sandals. I have to go, because you have to Anton, I Birkenstocks outlet need to arrange for the reception. "Xueni a bit disappointed, or gentle nod. Stand up and send to the door when Xueni naughty smiles:" In any case, do not forget you promised me magic! Tang Yi smiled, turned out looking at the back of Tang Yi away from the corridor, Xueni hair stay a while, slowly closed the door, turned around and was surprised to find Tina and Betty have been out from the study, Betty standing the window, she seems never tired. Wella concern to watch their Xueni go back to the living room, sitting on the sofa, pick up a coffee drink one.

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