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Eva Lucia, 20 years old, grew up in a little town. In 2006 she spent a year at Klejtrup Musikefterskole. She learned a lot about life, and music changed its definition from “hobby” to “passion”. Eva Lucia experienced the wonder of music. She started playing in bands and started to write a lot of lyrics about life and the different sides of it. She studied at Silkeborg Gymnasium (2007-2010). Currently, she is living the “free” life as a musician. She is singing and working on new material, which maybe will become a new album soon. She recorded her solo album “Simplicity” in 2009 (with self-written material, both lyrics and music).


Eva Lucia has been singing since she could walk. It has always been an unconscious and natural thing for her to do. Music is in her genes – Eva’s father is a musician and has always played the piano, which has inspired her to listen to other kinds of music, like Händel and Bach, instead of only listening to regular pop and rock. It has extended her musical knowledge. She not only has a passion for music – it also inspires her ways of thinking and writing lyrics. She loves listening to music and reading about it. It has never been enough for her to listen only to one genre of music – she has always wanted to listen to it all: pop, rock, classical, jazz, funk, blues and metal. It was the best way to learn every single technique in singing. Furthermore, Eva Lucia has been taught in singing rhythmical music (from the age of 12) and classical (from the age of 16).

She started playing the piano and the guitar in 2007, and she got interested in percussion instruments and started to play bodhrán and udu in 2009. But singing is still her biggest love… From 2007 to 2009, she was not taught by a teacher in singing anymore. It has now become a routine and she has instead decided to challenge herself, by practicing four to five hours a day. She was ‘caught in a music bubble’ and started working on a solo music project that later became the album “Simplicity” with eleven self written songs.

The last couple of years, she has found new passions: folk music and the singer/songwriter-genre. The lyrics and the simple ways of describing deeper issues inspire her, even in her own way of writing songs. Singing was - and still is something indescribable that rescues her bad days and makes the good things blossom. In a few words, she describes music as, “simplicity, love and inspiration”.  

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