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May the best cheats win


 Fier these men they do not matter to win. Indeed proven that Dean win without using a particular substance. In halinrnsk soccer uses many a matter of cheating. This situation is now so bad that if you just put a new rekort, you are in suspicion of having cheated. the Tour De France can never be 100% sure that there is someone who has a substance in itself. cheating is much more than just drugs, to use a hand in football like Diego Maradona did in the 1986 World Cup is the worst form of cheating ever.

The football is cheating gone more and more, people bribe the judge.

for example. yesterday the players or athletes berserk over just a small incision.

In the Olympic Games is also a big problem that people spend researching stances they are trying more and more to get cheaters away.

Many geared threader test their athletes more each year to see if they cope with the large pressure without substance.
Dr Ken Fitch is one part to the medikalske composition of the IOC. He thinks about other countries really test their athletes enough.

Let us all hope that when a new year begins, all sports men and women throw ingredients away, so everyone does not go and say "let the best cheater win".


Thrill Seekers

For some people”soft adventure” sports like white-water rafting are exciting enough. But others want to take bigger risk. BBC world service reporter, Edward Buscall, looks at the growing appeal of death-defying sports.

Thrill Seekers
”Soft adventure” has become a new form of holiday experience. Today, holiday makers in most West countries have a huge variety of holiday destination and experiences to choose from. But most travel agants agree that more abd nore traditional beach holiday.


Death on the Rocks

800 meters below the top of everest. 6 months of planning ended. He was forced to wait until 1992 the førest Mon to ski down Everest.
 I saw frostbite, it shook me. My only thought was to go downhill fast. We done well until 6500 meters. When my feet began to swell and føelser and came back. It was extremely painful. We had to turn in a full day at Camp 2nd on larger boots. There have been skied from Camp 4 which is 7.300 the last residence before the top, but no man has ever stood 8848 feet and pointed to a pair of skis down. For Tardivel would everest had been top of his career. That would make him king of extreme skiing at the age of 48th
Eksterm ski is perhaps marginal sport. But it is very serious. For its stars, it may be to achieve as much as it is dangerous. Consider, for instance. receive generous sponsorship for those who can continue to make unproven bjegstunts. It is not always the skis are made properly, it is dangerous for those who are beginner. Any resemblance to the piste skiing is superficial. ski extreme promises an almost vertical climb, with the ice ax and crampons, followed by crashing out slopes up to 65 degrees (35 degrees steeper than the most gruesome 'Black Run ").

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