Extreme Living - Death on the Rocks
Resume of the article - Death on the Rocks
28 year old Pierre Tardivel, is a man who climbed Mount Everest with the purpose of being the first man to ski down the mountain side. But he was cut short at the last camp (800m from the top) because of a seconddegree frostbite, on both feet. The climb down went well, until they reached 6.500 feet. His feet began to swell. This resulted in extreme pain. In the end they made it down. But despite the loss of his toenails and the remaining pain while walking, Pierre Tradivel hasn't given up. He sais: "I had a good look at the last stretch from Camp Four, and it looks perfectly reasonable. I'll be back next year."

On-piste and off-piste skiing are very different things. First of all there's the getting to the choosen spot. To get to the top of an on-piste run, you can just take the lift. But to get to the top of an of-piste run, you have to climb to the top, at least get there on you're own. And then when you finaly reach the top, an up to 65 degreese steep run is waiting for you.
You have to be extremly skilled to even attempt to go off-piste. But the supply of 'firsts' (the first time to ski on a route) is slowly drying up. This is making the skiing experience much less exiting. In order to get the 'kick' of it back, some skiers have tried different sports. Such as; sailboarding down mountains, parachuting top of the pists before skiing down the mountain. And the latest trend, Basejumping. This means to hurl youreself off a cliff, and parachuting to the ground. But even with these possibilities, skiing down the face of Mount Everest, remains the ultimate goal.
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