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Facebook afresh appear the new Facebook timeline layout. The new timeline blueprint affection a lot of never features. One of my admired new appearance is the Facebook Cover photos . These awning photos appearance up at the top of your Facebook profile. Awning photos are 850x114 pixels in size. The alone humans who can currently appearance the awning photos on the new Facebook timeline blueprint are developers.Anyone can assurance up as a developer and try this new affection out advanced of time though.

Facebook Cover Photos 


Here are the accomplish to do this:

1. Assurance into Facebook

2. Enable developer mode, if you haven't already. To do this, blazon "developer" into the seek box, bang the aboriginal aftereffect (it should be an app fabricated by Facebook with a few hundred thousand users), and add the app.

3. Jump into the developer app (if Facebook doesn't put you there automatically, it should be in your left-hand apparatus bar).

4. Create a new app. Give your new app any affectation name and namespace you wish (doesn't absolutely matter). Read through and accede to the Platform Aloofness agreement. This is the footfall you charge to be absolute for.

5. Ensure you're in your new app's capital settings screen. You should see your app's name abreast the top of the page.

6. Attending for the "Open Graph" header, and bang the "Get Started application accessible graph" link. Create a analysis activity for your app.

7. This should bead you into an activity blazon agreement page. Change a few of the absence settings, and bang through all three pages of setting.

8. Wait a brace of minutes

9. Go aback to your Facebook home screen. An allure to try Timeline should be cat-and-mouse at the top of the page.

Facebook is set to absolution the new timeline affection on September 30th. I anticipate this new affection will be a big hit. I am abiding there will be alloyed animosity on the new blueprint though. One of the drawbacks with these new changes seems to be that of privacy. The new Facebook timeline blueprint seems to accomplish it a lot easier for somebody to go aback and attending into somebody's past. Facebook is the new baton with amusing media innovation. Facebook has fabricated changes to its website several times before. It's a academic bold to how continued these new changes will last. It will be absorbing to see what happens at the end of the ages with the absolution of the Facebook timeline layout, featuring awning photos. There will a lot of acceptable be several humans who will capitalize on these new Facebook features. I apperceive several humans who fabricated out absolutely acceptable with the endure new banderole affection that FB introduced. There are already websites bustling up area you can get Facebook awning photos. There will be abounding added of these sites to appear in the next few weeks afterwards Facebook releases this to the accepted public. Getting in aboriginal on new niches like Facebook awning photos is a abundant way to accomplish some fast cash. I acclaim that you get into this alcove fast afore it is ever flooded. Some of the awning photos I accept apparent are actual creative. For archetype I apparent one awning photo with a aura that went over your picture. I took the time and went through some of these Facebook awning photo websites and accept listed them for you below.

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