Fanfictions - The last goodbye [EN]

Kap 1. - Den bedse tid i mit liv

”WHY DO YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME!” I cried, and look incomprehension at him.
He don't no what to say just looked irritated at me; “Okay, now do you listen at me” I said.
“But think about it, you're never home, but okay that's okay, you travel in the whole world with you band, but why can I just move out” I said, but more quiet.
I live together with Romeo Nightingale also known as, 'Rom30', the keyboard player in 'Cinema Bizarre'. But we just live together as friends.
“Because if you move out, who should I live together with when im home?.” he looked sad at me.
“I don't no, but we can live together when you're home, and when you're on tour, so I live with my family”
I suggested.
There was a long break, where nobody said anything.
“But.. but.. Sweetie, please don't move out.” he said quit, and took my hands.
“You can come with me on tour if you want to?” he said an smile.
“Hmm.. okay, if I can for the other” I said.
“Ofcourse you can” he smiled.
A month later I was on tour with 'Cinema Bizarre'.
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” Said or rather shouted Strify, when he came into the tour bus.
“What know Strif” Kiro asked.
“Christin, said her work up” Replied Strify. Christin was make-up artist for 'Cinema Bizarre', and she had been that since they started the band back in 2006, but now it's over.

“I don't no any, there can help us. We have our self, but we don't have time for it before a concert.” Strify said.
There was a long time, where no one said anything; “Sara, can you?” Strify asked me.
“øhm.. I can't promise anything, but I can try” I said quiet and smiled crooked.

“Oh, thank you honey” Strify said and took hold of my head and give me a kiss on the cheeks.
“Your welcome” I smiled.
“I find another, to me” Kiro said. Kiro has always hated me, and I don't no why.
“Kiro.. why do you hate me so much” I said.
“Dorh, you so stupid, I don't want to talk with you” Kiro said, and walk into his room in the big bus.
I don't understand anything.
“God dammit, that idiot”i said angry, and go outside the bus.
The next 3-4 month it goes okay. I was now Cinema Bizarre' s new Make-up artist.
A night we were downtown, and came home late.
Next morning as we sat and had breakfast, Strify came down with a girl by the hand.
“Nikki!” I said and was very confused.
“Oh hej Sara” Nikki said in danish.
“Hvad laver du her” I asked in danish, and Nikki replied; “Jeg sov med ham” Nikki smiled crooked and pointed quiet Strify which looked at the other guys from Cinema Bizarre.
“Do you know each other” Strify asked confused, and both Nikki and Sara nodded.
“Oh my god!” Strify just said.
“From where?” Romeo asked.
“Denmark, Concerts, The Dreams, and from a kind of school” I said and smile.
“Oh.. Okay” Romeo smiled.
After few days, Nikki was also with Cinema Bizarre on tour.
Nikki and I had a lot of fun together, while the boys played in concerts and gave autographs.

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