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I wanna give you a kind of really random website, as mine, my honey - Nikki hjerte.png

If i really had to say something about myself, so here;
My name is Sara, but my nickname is Kuki but before i was called Mille, but just forget that, it's too long time ago, so just call me Kuki or Sara xD 
Im 13 years old, my birthday is 11. December 1995, so soooooooon im 14. *proud*
I can do really random thing, like.. yearh.. many thing ^^

Im as people called it; a really random person. THANKS! i just say xD
- But yearh, im not happy all the time, sometimes my life sucks, but fuck it, right now im happy xD
I love too laugh, Smile and help people i:

And btw, if you can't take the truth, so i dont think you are gonna write too me, 'cause I allways say the truth, and say what I mean (;
It a good and bad think.. mostely it's bad -___-' xD

I really like music, and some of the band music I really like is; Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, Simple Plan, Surfact, UpUpDown, Niarn, Jeppe Rapp, Johnson, L.O.C, Suspekt, Selvmord, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Papa Roach.

People say that I'm no ordinary girl, and so i believe on it, 'cause im not.

I love, The dudesons, The Simpsons, Jack Ass, coca cola zero, fanta exotic, fan fictions, Miami Ink, Viva La Bam, Skate, HipHop, Rap.

 My Update - Fanfictions:

  • It's hard to say - (finished)
  • The Last goodbye - (having a break)
  • I Came 2 Party - (More coming soon)
  • The dreams come true - (more every day)

But well, that was all i had (': <'33

Peace out..
xoxo Kuki

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