Frequently Asked Questions

You should choose because we offer totally free frames, so you can make a website the way you want. We don’t limit your possibilities to form your site the way you wishes. We have a wide range of page types and designs, you can choose from. Our Drag & Drop editor can even place elements freely and in layers.

Your free 30-days trial gives you the opportunity to try our system and decide if you want to stay. You can create the website easy and quick, be filling out your information. When you are created you have good time to work on your website and insert content. Remember to subscribe before the end of the 30 days, if you want to keep the website.

Signup takes no more than a minute.

Other people can find your website, by entering the address or searching for you. If you want people to be able to find you in search results, you have to use our SEO(Search engine optimization) tools in adminisntration.
Optimally you should buy our add on product SEO PRO, this will provide your the tools to really create results in search engine ranking.

Our support team is always ready to assist you:
Reply within 48 hours.
Weekdays 9-20
Saturday 12-17

At Freewebsite service we try to make it as easy as possible to create a website.
It has to be possible for EVERYONE and it also has to be enterntaining.
We dare to promise that you can do it! And should you encounter any issues, you are very welcome to contact our support at

here are several ways you can monetize your website. If you want to sell something through the website, you are welcome to it. Alternatively, you can make money from Google AdSense, if you have significant traffic to your website.

Your free website will automatically be listed or indexed in various search engines and it usually takes between 3-6 weeks. However, this has no effect on the website’s search engine rankings.

You can easily run a business at, actually it is a clear advantage that we can offer a cheap website, with free pages and few limitations. Too often websites either have many limitations or are very expensive. With us you will be able to spend your money on marketing instead, or to improve your self-made website. We do not interfere in your business so long as the content and the business is legitimate and does not seem offensive or harassing. In this case, your website will be deleted and we reserve the right to report it if it is of particularly serious. This is, however, applicable to all websites with Freewebsite service.

At Freewebsite service’s front page in the top panel you click a button, it will show you an overlay with a form that allows you to login. You can not log in via your own page.

If you have problems logging in, please firstly check that your e-mail and password are correct. Please also note that Freewebsite service distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters.
Do you still have problems then please use the link at the login form, forgot password. Here you will enter your e-mail address and you will receive an email with a temporary password. Do this and then go in and change the password in your administration panel. Do you still have problems, and have forgotten the email address you used to write our support.

If your page has been deleted, unfortunately we can’t make it come back. If it is missing, the problem will often be related to the use of Submenu or Dropdown menu. In that case contact our support and we will help you.

Write to

It may be because Internet Explorer automatically set Document Mode to IE7 standards which we do not support.
You can easily get Freewebsite to look good by clicking the ’Document Mode IE7’ and choose IE9.

If you want to delete your account, log onto the website and press open Administrative > My Settings > Website > delete website. In this window, click on delete siteand confirm that you want to initiate the deletion. You will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm the deletion via the link in the email. It is important that you are logged in to your website when you open the link.

Available functionality (list updated regularly). - Create, rename and delete pages - sort navigation order - Upload documents - Editor with text and images - HTML editor - Newsletter & Mailing List - Choose from basic designs - Change banner (upload) - Change background (upload) - Design title - Protect selected pages with the password. The cool Drag & Drop page type so you can place elements free and in layers. See alle page types in point Page Types.

• Simple forum
• Calendar
• Blog
• Diary
• Video Gallery
• Music Gallery
• Standard image
• Lightbox Gallery
• Picture Page
• Picture
• Guest book
• Contact Form
• Blank page
• Iframe

• Drag & Drop page editor
• Slideshow

Yes, there will continue to be new page types, the development team is actively working to improve Freewebsite service.

We take a backup of the database very often, important files and documents are copied several times a week. Should something unexpected go wrong, you can loose no more than a few days of work, for example texts, photos and videos.

Yes, not even the team behind Freewebsite service can come to see your secret pages.

The passwords are encrypted so that your code is not in the database, it is the same reason we can not send it to you if you forget it. The one-time password will be sent to you only have a few hours of validity. In those few hours, you must change your password. Otherwise, you must again ask for a new one-time password.

If you discover any offensive or illegal content, please contact our support immediately with information about the page and content, so that we can deal with it as soon as possible.
If we feel there are lawful content of the notification, you are rewarded with a free addon feature.