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I read your FAQ prior to, and didn't truly purchase the argument. And I think anyone who does reblog one of your images is far more most likely to cut off a frame with your URL on it than they would be a frame with an appropriate artist credit tag on it. After all some blog writers might feel a moral compulsion to maintain the artist info, however I doubt any feel an ethical compulsion to promote your website. If downloading is permitted, how do I do that? I want to have things in my computer independent from internet connection.

Second: I observed you criticism of the Carmenica Diaz website. I believed you were bondage babes a little severe. Ms Diaz, to her credit, goes to terrific pains to acknowledge the artists included on her site and where this is not understood, asks her readers for any information they might have, so acknowledgement can be offered at a later date. I am pleased with the problem she takes with this and I can deal with a couple of frames around the images!

I do like the Carmenica Diaz website, which is why it's noted here. She's published some fascinating content and done some good interviews. However I stand by my remarks around adding the image borders. It's obnoxious. Oftentimes the borders are bigger and more apparent than the watermark the initial material developer decided to add. And if everyone began customizing the images they were just re-posting life would be a lot more difficult for all of us.

If you seem like connecting to my website because method then go for it. It's your blog site. Put whatever you want there. Clearly you're not too polite, since you don't hesitated to put this comment here. I really stated absolutely nothing about you personally, I only commented on a specific practice and design of blogging. In contrast your comment was an extremely personal attack. Anybody writing this comment cannot make too many claims on politeness.

, if I emailed someone everytime I saw a blog site comment/caption/style that I had not been personally a fan of then I 'd never ever get any posts written. I 'd spend my whole life in e-mail. If you have a certain factor for providing pictures a certain method then don't hesitate to leave a remark here (or email me or whatever) to describe it. Pleased to talk about it or be informed. However simply leaving a comment stating I'm incorrect without anything else does not actually help change my mind.

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