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A focus on improving security, a sense of responsibility from the civil air defense, anti-matter, anti-technology, defense build four multi-level security perimeter

(A) as the first element of risk prevention, grasp the staff particularly important ideological trends.
Selecting, appointing staff "three tests" First, access to Off. The selection of good qualities of political, ideological and moral business ability, a strong sense of responsibility to augment the accounting, treasury and other key positions, to ensure the excellent quality of team personnel in important positions, work style work; staff thinking OFF. Concerned with key staff positions, both from the perspective of the static and understand important staff positions consistent performance and understand the state of mind of the important staff positions, and from the perspective of dynamic, attention to change the mentality of the staff to focus on communication between the leadership and staff, and important The staff positions ideological concern extends to eight hours outside; staff education OFF. Various forms of life, values, hard work and plain living style of education, ethics, education, legal education, and enhance employee engagement dedication and compliance concepts.
(B) in the funding the purchase of the risk prevention equipment and other hardware, the implementation of key tilt.
Should invest in accounting, treasury, business accounting systems, monitoring and protection system, lightning protection system of computer security are a lot of protective isolation transformation, optional safety supervisor, regular inspection, identify problems promptly corrected, safe and reliable operation to ensure that all business processes , foolproof.
(C) establish a sound system of personal responsibility, standardize day operation to ensure that the important responsibilities clearly.
Computer security management accounting system host installation screen saver, set into the machine orders and password settings from the machine automatically exit after 10 minutes, to prevent others from entering the operating system, the operator terminal on wholesale transfer of funds to enable the scanner certificate pre-transmission dispatched a round monitoring of the implementation of office spaces.
(D) to establish a joint defense interactive mechanism.
Risk prevention, safety leading group should be set up from time to time to check the organization of the accounting, treasury, and other important positions, held a security regular meeting on a regular basis, and analysis of potential risks between the positions of each stock room, and make recommendations for improvement, a written report. Establish financial security work conference on system, and public security, financial institutions, the formation of the upper and lower tie coordinated defense mechanism to prevent the occurrence of unstable factors.

II norms operating behavior, strengthen supervision and management to build a capital risk prevention security barrier

Follow incompatible with the principle of separation of do should concurrently Kong Chief, should not be on behalf of the class does not represent, avoid mixed Kong, to eliminate business processing instead of post chaos Kong, "single-handedly in important positions set clear "behavior; checking accounts, issuance of fund, the amount and balance of line library exchanges daily occurrence accounting, treasury personnel in the business end of the cross-checking signatures, and under the jurisdiction of the depositary units, monthly financial and taxation departments implement face-to-face reconciliation, check signed by the competent advice in the use of computer management on the implementation of protective isolation and physical isolation of business accounting system, the establishment of the host room into the attendance register system and computer maintenance, http://www.fendioutlet-handbagsoutlet.org to prevent non-business contacts accounting system, the provisions operator to set a password, the password required to be changed regularly, fill in "password replacement card"

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