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Clash Of Clans Top 5 Strategies / Tips

When It comes to Offense and your looting capability you want to find a good balance between the total cost of your attacks, the time to train them & the effectiveness of your troops.

I have been successful with 3 types of attacks:

a) The Quick & Cheap:

- 100-110 Barbs

- 50-60 Archers

- 1 Healer

- 10-15 Minions (optional) or more of the above

That will cost you between 20 to 40k Elixirs per attack free coins Castle Clash considering your camps are between 180-220 units. They will train very fast. This strategy is most successful on lower level opponents. You are going to smaller loots, preferably around 150k-200k gold/elixir combined at a time or less if your still at the beginning but workout for yourself a good ratio. I would say you want a minimum 3X return. You will need to stick to lower rankings for this strategy.

b) Endurance

For this strategy you will need:

- 15-20 Giants

- 1 or 2 Healers

- 20-30 Archers

- Minions/Dragon/Mages for Power or 20/30 High Level Goblins to collect loot afterwards

- Optional: 2-4 Wall breakers


These attacks are longer to prepare and will cost you around 80k Elixir or so. You first take out any Anti-Air Defense and then heal your Giants. They will most likely survive all defenses but you need to deploy the rest of your guys at the right moment, not too early to be taken out and not too late to run out of time. Don't pick opponents that massive walls and very strong defense. Also use rage spell to boost your Giants as needed.

c) Massive Destruction

One of the most destructive strategies however most expensive and very long to prepare (around 45-60 mins each).

With this strategy you want to strike the opponents with the biggest stash of Gold & Elixir, minimum 400K and up to 600-700k if you can.

- You need 25-30 Maxed Out Balloons - Very important, you need that many to be effective!

- 20-25 Minions, To Bypass all walls and quickly collect the Loot.

- 5 Barbs & 10 Archers, to take out Heroes or Air Defense that are in the way.

- Max Level Healing Spells - Very important as well!

You want to take out any Air Defense that are easy to get to first and then deploy all your balloons in 2 big lumps or slightly spaced out so that you can heal them when they get close to the Air Defense. You must upgrade them to max level so they can take some damage. They will destroy all defense incredibly fast, its very effective but then its take a while to recharge.

I can take out much higher opponents with that tactic.

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