100% FREE PHOTOS - Terms Of Use

You may not:

1.Claim photos to be Your own.

2.Use photos for commercial use (sell, design T-shirts and so on...)

3.Edit photos or perform any operation other than re-size.

If photo used online - backlink to this website required if possible.


You may:

1.Download photos for Your personal use (postcard for Your family,wallpaper for Your own pc, for school homework...)

2.Use photos for Your blog or website, unless it is online photo gallery (archive) site or photo download site.

3.Use photos on social networking websites, forums and video sharing websites like YouTube.com.

4.Add backlink to this site if You use photo online (on forum,blog,social networking, Your website and so on...)

5.Re-size photos to the size that You need.


For questions please use contact form.

Terms last edited at 08.05.11 (dd.mm.yy)

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