free rider 2 // map codes - BMX-tracks

(tracks made to BMX).

How to load: Open Free Rider 2 on - then go to the "open"/"load" icon. Copy (CTRL+C) the track code on then Paste (CTRL+V) in the load box from Free Rider 2. When paste, click "load".

BMX-Track 1:


-18 1i 18 1i,4k 43 5q 5j 6o 6h 7u 7f 9i 85 av 8g c7 8l dm 8n f3 8l gn 8f hu 82 ja 7c k8 6m lp 5a mg 4c n4 36,n4 37 ne 2b,nv 1d o9 1a,s0 -36 sb -39 sq -33 t3 -2p ti -1c u4 f um 1q ve 34 10n 4m 11b 56 129 5p 139 64 14n 69 16i 69 17q 63 192 5n 1af 53 1bo 47 1co 32 1de 1o,o9 1b ot 18 pj 18 qf 14 qs s ra 8 rk -k rn -1m rp -2n rs -33 s4 -39,18 1j 1l 1m 2b 22 31 2h 3v 3a 4o 48,1o9 8 1pc 1j 1r2 32 1t1 48 1v5 50 20v 56 233 55 25i 4t 27s 47 29t 38 2bf 23 2ck o 2dd -j 2dv -2f,1de 1q 1dr 19 1ee q 1f3 g 1fq c 1h0 9 1ie 9 1ji 1 1k5 -i 1ki -19 1kq -2f,2lp 3c 2mo 4r,2mn 4p 2o0 65 2ou 6n 2r2 7c 2su 7h 2us 7e 30g 75 328 6l 33n 5s 35d 4h 36k 3e 37v 1j 38t -e 39e -2l,39e -2k 39k -49,2lp 3d 2kp 1n 2jt -1,39k -46 39n -4l,3b4 29 3bl 3s 3cj 5c,3ch 59 3dt 6e 3ff 72 3h4 7a,3h6 7a 3ir 7e 3ka 7c,3kd 7c 3mi 78 3nr 72 3ou 6m 3q3 6a 3rj 60 3st 5u 3ug 63 3vo 6d 41e 6p 43q 72 45h 73,45e 72 47b 6t 496 6t 4br 76 4e1 7r,4gt 9i 4j1 au 4ks bv,4kv c2 4ms cu 4p0 dl 4rb e1 4u9 e3 51h ds 55p cu 57v c2 59q b4 5d4 8u 5fk 6o 5hh 48,2e8 -3l 2ei -45 2et -48,2ev -46 2f9 -43 2fm -3j 2fu -34 2g4 -2d 2gf -1s 2h4 -1m,2h4 -1k 2ht -1o,2dv -2e 2e8 -3l,5ve 3t 60i 4v 62d 5u 65g 6n 67p 6u 69b 6u 6bg 6o 6db 69 6er 5k,6er 5l 6g1 4u 6hb 3r,7dc 5i 7fe 5r 7h8 60 7l0 60 7ok 5i 7r6 4s 7sq 46,6hc 3q 6ia 3d 6j6 38 6ke 3d 6m8 41,6m8 3v 6nv 4e 6q2 4q 6rd 4s 6td 4j,8a2 8h 8bj af 8df br 8fu cq 8i1 d3,8i1 d5 8ma d1,8mc d1 8os ch 8qq br,5n5 i 5md 15 5lh 1c 5ks 18 5kc v 5jt r 5j5 15 5ip 1g,5n5 g 5nt -c 5oi -16 5p2 -22 5pd -2d,5pf -2d 5q0 -2k 5qh -2k,7sr 47 7te 4b 7u0 4k 7ul 55 7vd 61 80o 6t 82g 7e 842 7c 85m 6v 86g 6k 876 67 87j 5v,4gs 9h 4e1 7r,5hh 47 5i8 2r 5io 1e,8a2 8g 896 6i 88r 5l 88d 5b 87t 5d 87e 62,3at u 3b6 2e,5qi -2j 5qp -2g 5rr -j 5sm m 5tf 1q 5un 38,5ul 36 60i 50,39m -4j 39u -4o,39u -4l 3a7 -4j 3ac -3r 3at 10,86n 1i 880 28 891 3e,6ta 4i 6vj 42 72e 39 73l 2p 74m 24 75a 1u 768 1u 776 27 78d 30 79o 42 7bb 52 7df 5l,1n8 -1b 1md -2q 1lu -39 1l5 -39 1kq -2u 1ko -2a,86o 1j 84g s 828 v,82a u 80c 1e,7sf 4a 7t2 41,892 3f 89p 58,80c 1h 7t8 2r,7t6 2r 7rv 3h,9o4 il 9qd ij 9sl ic 9v9 hn a1k gn,a1h gn a2q fq a4b e8 a5b cj,akf 8p amk 8p aoe 8j apr 87 arr 77 at5 69,b8o 42 bau 4l bcd 4t be1 52 bg3 54 bhq 50 bjb 4q bkh 4m bm2 4i bnj 4g bq2 4h bro 4m bua 56 c0t 5s,c2r 67 c5b 6f,c56 6f c8f 6c ccq 5r cfh 56 chp 4b ck3 36 cmb 1m cog -6,9e3 fl 9ce fk 9an fp 98c gb 96l gi 94l gg 930 g4 91e fg 8vl eg 8u7 de 8t5 ce 8s6 bp 8qq bp,a5b ck a5o c8 a6o bu,a6l c0 a84 bp a99 bd,9e1 fk 9ff fn 9gn ft 9i2 gj 9jb he,9jd he 9k7 hr 9l8 ia 9mc ij 9o9 il,at3 69 atv 5u avg 5n b11 5n b2m 5i b49 57 b5f 4k b6r 44 b7p 3v b8q 41,cof -6 cp9 -16 cq5 -2l cqn -46,d8t -3f d9i -13 da8 f,daa i db7 22,db7 21 dc8 39 ddd 4a de9 4s dfc 58 dgr 5d dij 5a dk2 51 dl7 4i dmk 3s do8 2t dpe 1v dqf s drh -g dsa -1u dsp -3f dt7 -5a,cqn -47 cr6 -4m crv -4t ct1 -4q ctl -4j cuf -46 cvh -3n d0v -39,d2b -34 d3f -36 d4p -3d d5q -3n d6q -41,d6s -46 d6o -42,d6t -42 d79 -4c d7r -4g d87 -4e d8j -47 d8p -3t d90 -36,dt9 -5b dth -5l du2 -5l duj -5i dut -4v dv3 -30 dvf -24 e0n -1j e47 -1j e5i -1t e64 -2e e6d -4l,e6d -4n e6j -5g e6t -5t,e7j -64 e9t -62 eb0 -5q ec4 -59,eb3 -5q ed2 -5n eem -5q eg6 -5o,d2i -2o d3k -25,d2c -35 d0t -3a,d1o -37 d2u -2j,c3o 69 c63 6j c7l 70 c8e 7d,b3v 5b b4t 56 b65 5g b6r 5v b7g 65,9l6 ib 9n9 iq 9oa j9,9oc j9 9p2 jo 9pm k1,96q gj 97t gm 98e gr,82a 7c 83a 7k 84d 85 84o 8l,6t4 4o 6t6 4s,6t2 4n 6t6 4o,6l3 3i 6mq 4e 6no 59,5kq 17 5lh 1r 5lr 2h 5lj 1t 5ks 17,43g 70 44p 78 460 7r 46b 8a,1id b 1jq b,e6t -5s e7h -62,e7k -5u e7k -8e,e7u -8e e7u -5u,e6m -8e e8s -8e e8s -9m e6m -9m e6m -8e,e70 -9c e70 -8o e7a -8o,e70 -9c e7a -9c e7a -92 e70 -92,e7k -9c e7k -8o,e7k -9c e7u -9c e7u -8o,e88 -9c e88 -8o,e88 -9c e8i -9c e8i -92 e8i -8o e88 -8o,-1i 1i -18 1i,akf 8p ajd 8e,ajb 8e aie 7v ags 6r,aec 73 adu 7v ad5 94 ace a1 aab b6 a97 be,1jp d 1kk j,2hb -1m 2gp -1a 2gf -o,aed 71 aep 6n afa 6j ag2 6k agt 6s,c30 67 c11 5v,1n8 -1a 1od f,2hs -1m 2ib -1m 2j0 -19 2je -o 2k3 9,nv 1e no 1i,nn 1j nd 2d,8kr 31l 8j8 31h,-1s 2g -1s 34 -1i 34,-1s 2g -1i 2g,-18 2g -18 34,-18 2g -u 2g -u 34,-18 2q -u 2q,-k 2g -k 34,-k 2g -a 2g -a 2q -k 2q -a 34,a 2g a 34,0 2g k 2g,u 2g u 34 18 34,u 2q 18 2q,u 2g 18 2g,1i 2g 1i 34,1i 2g 1s 2g 1s 2q 1i 2q 1s 34,-3n 2t -42 34 -4h 3b -5f 47 -6j 58 -7p 62,-7n 63 -9k 6o,-7n 65 -78 62 -6c 67,-9h 6o -ae 6v -bk 76,-bi 76 -d5 78 -fl 71 -ic 6d,-ic 6f -kh 5e,-ie 6f -hj 6r,-hj 6t -gt 7c,-kf 5g -lk 4j -mq 39 -o4 u,-r9 -38 -rt -3i -s3 -3a,-s6 -39 -rv -3f,-sd -39 -s5 -3b,-15k 68 -16v 66 -18m 5t,-18m 5u -1aq 57,-1aq 58 -1c9 4b -1dh 30 -1ed 1b,-1ed 1c -1f0 -l,-1ev -i -1f4 -2n -1f6 -42 -1fk -4g -1g2 -4f -1gc -48 -1gp -42 -1gv -3j,-1gn -42 -1he -47 -1if -3s,-1ig -3r -1ir -3b -1ii -2m,-1ii -2k -1ir -20,-1io -30 -1jh -2q -1k4 -38 -1kb -43 -1l3 -41 -1le -3l,-1l4 -41 -1lv -4n -1md -4f -1mv -4h -1n7 -47,-sk -37 -sb -3b,-15j 67 -13v 64 -12b 5p -10v 53 -vm 40 -ue 2a,-t8 -33 -sv -38 -sk -36,-tc -34 -t0 -37,-tb -34 -td -1s -th -d -tu 1f -uj 2g,-1f3 -1f -1eo a -1ds 2g,-1ds 2c -1ct 3o -1b8 50 -19d 5m -17j 64 -15u 67,-1f5 -3v -1f0 -j,-td -34 -th -5,-tf -10 -tq v -ub 27,-u5 1r -vf 3m,-v2 31 -100 49,-vl 3s -11c 5b,-10l 4q -128 5o,-11l 5h -133 60,-12p 5u -14k 67,-14k 65 -17j 67,-1f7 -3r -1fb -48,-th -k -u3 1s,-tq u -um 2q,-1f5 -3d -1eu -7,-1i 1j -21 1v -21 26,-1q 1q -29 1r -2g 22 -2r 26 -2s 2g,-2s 2c -3e 2h -3o 2u,-o5 10 -o1 1r -o4 2h,-s2 -39 -s8 -30,-s8 -2v -sc -2e -sb -29,-o3 10 -p1 -12,-p1 -11 -ps -3a -qb -3i -qk -37 -qo -2n,-qj -3c -r7 -3l,-qj -3d -qk -38,-r8 -3n -rg -38,-sg -1vp -s9 -1vq,-s4 -1v9 -s0 -1vc,-rc -1vm -r8 -1vm,1k -i7 1t -i7#7td 2k 7tf 4b,7tk 2i 7tm 4e,80f 1d 80h 6n,80m 1f 80o 6u,844 v 844 79,84d t 84d 79,86e 1g 86c 6j,86n 1k 86k 6i,822 10 828 7b,7s5 39 7s3 34,80h 14 81v o 84e m 86r 1b 883 22 897 39 8a0 55 89p 57,80i 13 7t5 2h 7rt 39 7s5 3l,-15 1l 16 1l,16 1k 1l 1q 29 24 2s 2i 3q 3b,3r 3b 5m 5k 6q 6p 7u 7m 9q 8e bb 8o ea 8s fn 8n go 8j hv 87 ja 7g kd 6p lm 5i mo 4c ni 2j,o3 1g oq 1d q7 1a r0 10 ri 2 rq -m,ru -2l s3 -2v sb -34 sq -2s t9 -1k u0 k uu 2k vr 3s 114 59 12a 5v 13n 6b 171 6d 192 5s 1an 55 1c6 44 1d7 2j 1dr 1f 1ek r,1el t 1fe h 1h2 c 1ij b 1jo 3 1kf -n 1ks -1r 1l0 -2t 1la -35 1ls -33 1m8 -2o 1mt -1l 1nh -j 1of q 1pc 1r 1qp 33 1sm 48 1v3 54 211 5b 258 56 288 46 2a4 3a 2bv 1t 2d3 a 2du -1c 2ea -2u 2ei -3r 2eq -40 2f3 -40 2fi -3f 2ft -2f 2g6 -1t 2gt -1g 2hj -1g,2jf -8 2l2 2j 2ma 4m 2nr 69 2os 6t 2qr 7g 2tb 7o 2uj 7m,2ug 7m 31d 76 32v 6l 34j 5i 36n 3m 389 1j 38t 1 39p -34 39t -47,39u -48 3a3 -48 3aa -16 3an 1e 3ba 3i 3c6 54 3dh 6g 3fd 79 3hb 7k 3kf 7h,3kg 7h 3nj 7c 3pk 6m 3rg 67 3th 65 3uq 6b 41v 72 455 7b 47h 72 49d 74,49f 74 4c4 7e 4e5 85 4ik b0,4ii b0 4l9 ci 4on dt 4rr ec 503 e7 544 dh 57e ci 5c4 a0 5g9 6f,5g7 6d 5hp 47 5is 1k 5ji 14 5k6 12 5kn 1b 5ln 1j 5mr 12 5no 4 5or -18 5p6 -1t 5pp -2b 5q9 -2c 5ql -24 5rm -a 5t3 1j 5un 3h 607 4u 62f 66 657 6o 688 74 6aq 6v 6c5 6o 6df 6e 6et 5q 6ge 51 6h6 48 6i7 3k 6j3 3d 6ka 3g 6m4 46 6q4 51,6ti 4m 72f 3e 73s 2q 74n 2a 75c 23,75e 23 765 23 778 2d 78l 3d 79o 49,79p 49 7b6 57 7dh 5q,7dj 5q 7ha 67 7lh 64 7os 5m 7rf 51 7su 4d,7su 4e 7tm 4l 7uk 5b 7v8 64 80g 6u 82j 7k 84p 7f 86q 6k 87k 65 880 5j 888 5g 88p 5q 898 7a 8a3 8v 8bm ar 8di c5 8fg cs 8ia da 8mc d5 8os cm 8qv c1 8s2 c1 8su cj 8u0 df 8vb ei 919 fl 935 gb 94u gn 97d gn 99f ga 9b1 fu 9de fr 9f8 fs 9gi g1 9hq gl 9ji ho 9l1 ie 9mo ip 9qv io 9t6 ih 9v1 i2 a0p hb a2r g4 a4k e9 a5g cn a5t ca a6l c3 a8s bo,akk 90 an8 8s ape 8i asb 75 atm 67 avh 5t b1t 5q b4a 5f,b4b 5f b5v 4m b7f 47 b8p 47 ban 4p bd4 54 bg3 59,bg4 59 bkm 4p bmr 4k bof 4i bqv 4n bs7 4s bue 5d c0r 5v,c2l 69 c4t 6g c6d 6j c8c 6g caf 68 cd1 5v cgd 54 cje 3p cm4 22 cp4 -h cqj -32 cqq -3t crf -4j csf -4m ctf -4f cvb -3l,d3n -31 d62 -3i,d64 -3k d7d -41,d7d -43 d7r -48 d8d -41 d8v -2m d9l -3 dar 1q dc2 3a dd6 4d dea 55 dgb 5k djd 5c dlt 4g do2 38 dqi 17 ds2 -r dt3 -3i dtd -57,cv7 -3l d15 -31 d1p -35 d3l -1u d3o -28 d2b -33 d3n -31,c58 6f c6b 6q c7p 78 c8d 7e,b4j 5c b5r 5i b6k 61,b6l 61 b7g 6a,9mq io 9o7 jc 9pi k3,96o gl 97r gs 98h h1,82a 10 82g 7e,82f 7g 839 7o 846 86 84g 8h,6q0 4u 6rb 52 6to 4m,6mo 45 6no 50,5l7 1f 5lo 1p 5m0 2j,44f 78 45a 7l 45v 81,1j9 7 1k3 7,dtc -57 dtj -5d du7 -5d duk -52 dup -3l dv3 -28 dvu -1k e1c -1b e4a -1d e5b -1l,e5d -1k e67 -28 e6j -4t e6q -5i e7e -5s,e8f -5u ea4 -5p eb4 -5i ebq -55,ebr -55 ec9 -50,ebl -5k eg2 -5j,a8q bn aa9 bb ac4 ae ad4 9j ae6 7r,ai8 81 ajj 8n akm 92,2he -1k 2gv -17 2gl -p,-15 1l -1f 1l,ae5 7s aef 75 aes 6q afk 6n agh 6t,ai8 82 agi 6t,c0l 5v c30 6b,rs -2m rp -j,-2b -10 -1l -21 -27 -13 -21 -h,-s -21 -g -2n -6 -2v,-3 -33 j -3n t -3l 11 -3c u -3k j -3n,2e -5o 2p -5f,2t -5e 3h -5p,3m -6d 46 -6r,58 -5u 5j -5p,5d -5k 5t -5t 6b -5j 69 -55 6h -4r 6g -46,6l -46 70 -3n 7k -3o,6m -42 67 -4b 61 -49,7j -3o 80 -39 7k -2s,77 -31 82 -2p,9d -23 9p -1p,-2b -13 -1v -h -2b -7,-2b -5 -2e 7,-2c 0 -2c f -27 m,9q -p a3 -e a3 -9,9n -5 9i 0,at c b1 k,as e as r bb 1a c4 1d cj 20,2p -5c 37 -50 3c -4h,1c -2b 2a -1m 2e -21 2m -1n,2a -1n 20 -1h 25 -18,40 -4b 45 -3q 4k -3n,4k -3l 4k -3e,4k -3o 4s -3v,4s -20 4n -1i 53 -18,53 -17 51 -u,53 -1a 5l -1d,6o -5 6j h,6h f 6r f 6v o,6h f 5t h,ch 1s ca 2g d5 2i,d5 2l dc 2v,dc 31 d5 3i,cp 3g dn 3i e1 3v e3 4r dh 50 d2 5c,ck 59 dc 5k d8 6h dl 6q dv 6l e3 76,d8 6h dk 6s,dm 6s du 6n e1 78 el 78 eu 81 fi 81 fn 8g,fi 81 fn 8e,ev 81 ef 86,di 6r d7 75,95 34 95 3s 9g 3s,96 3t 8r 42,6r 1u 6q 2i 6l 2q,6q 2i 77 2l,7m 4o 7t 5j,7p 5h 7p 5k 88 5t,ao 5f ag 67 aq 6d,3p m 3h u,3d t 3m 17,3m 15 3k 1n,dq 3g e6 2u en 2s e8 2t eq 2s fc 2a eq 2r,e6 2u eq 2s,fc 2a g8 2o gv 2i hd 34 ht 2k i9 1g j6 19,i9 1g in 1g jd 16 k3 1a l2 m lq q mq 2 ms g ms 0,mq 2 n6 -u,n8 -u ov -a pf -q q7 -g r7 -q rh -k,h9 34 hn 3g hr 49 hh 4d,h9 36 hd 30,eq 2u eo 38 eq 3e,k3 1c kq 1o l2 2c,ko 1m la 1s li 1m,p1 -a oh 4 ol g ot i,f8 5d fs 5p g6 5h,g2 5p g0 67,jd 3t jd 4b jp 4d,jh 4b j7 4p,mi 1i mg 20 mo 24,mi 1u mc 2c,hr 65 hp 6h,hp 6j ht 6p,ht 6l hl 71,hp 6l i7 6l,i7 6n il 6b,l8 3p l8 4j ks 4n,dq 3g ea 2u,dm 3k e0 43,e4 43 e0 4r,ap c ar 10,-25 -14 -21 -g,e2 77 em 7b eq 7s eq 80,es 7u ei 7b e0 77,g6 2q gv 2m hb 32 gr 2k,i1 2e ib 1i ij 1i,ip 1i j7 1a in 1i,aj 8 at c,dk 3k du 3v,e0 3v e2 4d,b1 i ar 10,-2d f -2a 0,-28 -12 -26 -19,-21 -1c -1m -20,-18 -27 -p -2a,-m -2c -q -21 -e -2n 7 -3b,1e -2b 28 -1o 2e -1v 2l -1p,22 -1k 27 -18,3h 11 3l 17 3k 1n,3j t 3p m,4q -21 4l -1e,4m -1k 53 -16,53 -15 53 -t,52 -15 5j -1c 51 -17,3n q 3f 12,3k 15 3r 1c 3f t,3j 14 3k 1l,3o 16 41 1h,3p 19 43 1i,40 -4a 46 -3o 4i -3l 4r -3t 4h -3k,4i -3n 4l -3g,2b -5k 2o -5g,9f -1v 98 -21,66 -48 6s -3t,6s -3v 6u -3l 6m -45,dn 3l cr 3h dj 3f e1 43,e1 45 dv 4p db 55,62 g 6q g 70 q,6m c 6s -1,6u 1u 6o 2q 74 2g 7e 2m,72 2i 6i 30,95 31 95 3r 9d 3t 8p 41,93 3r 8n 49,7k 4r 7v 5l,7r 5l 87 5v,ap 5h ad 65 ap 6b,62 -4a 6c -47,6f -44 6u -3p,al 7 au g,at g as p,9l -2 9t -5,cu 3h dm 3i dv 40 dv 4n,dv 4r da 55 d4 59,dv 3a e6 2u,es 2r en 36,eq 2t eo 39,eo 34 f0 3f,eo 32 et 3f,eq 3c eo 32,eo 33 es 2t,es 2s fc 2b,ga 2n gv 2j,gv 2k ha 31,hv 2b i9 1g,hb 31 hh 3c hn 3m,hk 3f hq 48 hg 4c,hk 3f ht 3m,hm 3g i0 3m,f9 5e fu 5n,fq 5n g2 5i,fv 5j fv 63,fs 5n g2 5p,g1 5n fv 62,hq 69 ho 6k i5 6m ii 6b,hr 66 hp 6k,ht 6m hm 70,jd 3t 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4gu,B 756 36k 49q,B 770 37a 4fh,B 74o 37v 49f,B 6u9 36g 49r,B 7av 376 4fh,B 74o 36k 49v,B 77j 37v 4fo,B 75l 37a 4fg,B 77j 37h 4fh,B 72f 376 4ao,B 74s 36g 49j,B 76m 35c 4ep,B 74o 35u 480,B 75h 362 4e1,B 739 36r 482,B 74k 37d 4h3,B 71f 35u 49o,B 71t 365 4f3,B 72q 36r 4gr,B 73u 36r 4fe,B 74h 37h 4fr,B 73k 36v 4b7,B 75s 37h 4fq,B 72q 37h 49q,B 735 37a 4ej,B 749 36r 4eu,B 72c 376 49d,B 72q 36v 4ae,B 72u 36v 4fe,B 739 37a 4fm,B 739 36k 4db,B 75h 35q 4em,B 739 36k 4aq,B 756 36v 4hm,B 74s 36g 4df,B 753 36d 4e1,B 75e 36d 4gr,B 75p 36d 4ec,B 756 36d 49q,B 75a 369 4fe,B 74s 36v 48s,B 73c 37d 49c,B 735 37d 49q,B 73c 36n 4dm,B 76i 35q 4f5,B 76t 35g 4e4,B 749 36d 4a2,B 75p 369 4fe,B 756 36d 4bl,B 760 36v 4gg,B 73g 37h 49d,B 74v 36r 47t,B 75a 351 4df,B 763 36d 4hm,B 74o 36d 49q,B 75p 369 4f6,B 75p 369 4ck,B 75p 369 4ck,B 75p 369 4ck,B 75p 369 4ck,B 75p 369 4ck,B 75p 369 4ck,B 75p 365 4ck,B 75p 365 4ck,B 1nc -13 a0k,B bl0 4h 1dgp,B bmj 4e 1dgp,B bo4 4e 1dgp,B bpf 4f 1dgs,B bqv 4j 1dgs,B bsl 4r 1dgq,B bu8 55 1dgs,B bvn 5i 1dgs,B c14 5r 10rs


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