frezer - how to make studios

if you would like to do a studio, then  there are some steps to follow.


step 1.

find af place with plenty of space, it might get dirty. maybe a basement or a garage.

step 2.

set up a big table. then you have a good solid working place to make you films on.

step 3.

now you need to find something to make a background. it can be a blanket. the background is very important ,because it indicates the whether, sow select your background carefully. :D

step 4.

naw you need to find what the ground  should be made of. sand, grass, or a tarpaulin. leak it out on the table and make sure it covers, so you cant see what is below.

step 5.

now you can make your houses, fences, trees and so on up. place your figures in the landscape, and you're ready to shoot.

 it's a good idea to have some light, that you can adjust. :D

Good Lock!





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