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I Keep Forgetting

2 Wall Line Dance:- 32 Counts. Improver. CHA CHA.

Choreographed by:- Charlotte Neckelmann (DK) Maj 2011

Choreographed to:- ‘I Keep Forgetting’ by Lee Ann Womack from ‘Fever 12’ CD,

(101 bpm) 32 count intro

Music Suggestion:- ‘Lonely Planet’ (114 bpm) by Bellamy Brothers from ‘Lonely Planet’ CD.



Step right. Cross Rock, Recover. Left Chasse Back Rock. Right Shuffle Forward

1-2 -3 Step right to right side (1) Cross rock left over right (2) Recover into right(3)

4&5 Step left to left side(4) Close right beside left(&) Step left to left side(5)

6 - 7 Rock right back (6) Recover into left(7)

8&1 Step right forward(8)Close left beside right(&) Step right forward(1) [12:00]



Rock and turn ½ turn. Rock and turn ¼ turn. Skate L& R. side. Shuffle forward


2&3 Rock left (2) Turn left ½, Recover right (&) Step left(3) [6:00]

4&5 Rock right (4)Turn right ¼ recover left(&) Step right(5) [9:00]

6 - 7 Skate left(6) Skate right

8&1 Step forward left (8)Close right beside left(&)Step left forward(1)[9:00


Rock forward R. Full L turn back, L coaster step, Shuffle forward


2-3 Rock right forward(2) Recover weight on left(3)

4 -5 Travelling back turn ½ right and step right forward(4) turning ½ right step left back(5)

Easy option: Walk back only on counts 4-5

6&7 Step right back(6)Step left together(&)Step right forward(7)

8&1 Step forward left (8)Close right beside left(&)Step left forward(1) [9:00]



Cross, Recover, Side Chasse, Cross, ¼ Turn left Step right. Left beside.


2 - 3 Cross rock right in front of left(2) Recover right(3)

4&5 Step right to right side(4) Close left beside right(&)Step right to right side(5)

6&7 Cross left in front of right(6) ¼ turn left step right back (&) Step left (7) [6:00]

8& Step right(8) Step left beside right(&)


Start Again

In the end the music stop and start again. DON't stop

the dance continuer to the end on 12:00


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