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DMC(Devil May Cry) is about the demon hunter Dante, whom gets an "invitation" to a reunion with his older brother vergil, by a mysterious man named Arkham. Vergil is trying to open an ancient portal to the demon world, which is in an ancient tower called "Tehmen-ne-gru",with the help of Arkham,. Dante doesn't care, but he soon does, because of a mysterious girl, only known as "Lady" whom turns out to be Arkhams daughter. Along fighting hordes of demons, Dante is being help by the demon Jester. Jester is a demon, whom is dressed up as a Jester and lives in the tower. Jester is both helping and fighting Dante, but later it turns out that jester and Arkham is the same person.
Batteling Vergil, Dante reveal an unknown source of power, do to the fact that his farther was a demon.

DMC is an awesome game that really gets the player in a special mood. Dante can do the most cool things with his weapons. You can change to different styles such as "gunslinger", "swordmaster", "trickster" and "royal guard". All the things in the game is incredible. If you get the special edition, you can do two extra thing. One, you can play as Vergil, and two, you can play the thing called "bloody palace" where you fight on a platform, and when there isn't anymore demons, three portals pops out of no where, and then you have entered  the portals ten times, you get a boss fight. One portal gets you one level up, a second portal gets you te levels up, and a third gets you 100 levels up. the bloody palace is all about highscore, and it's fun to challange your friends. the only thing that is a minus on this game is the grafics. It's not bad, but it isn't suited for this game, meaning that Capcom could had done a better job for the game. So my final valuation: From 0% to 100%

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