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Psi-Ops is about the soldier Nick Scryer, whom is taking as prisoner by the military organisation "The Movement"
Before going ino combat aginst the movement Scryer is brainwashed, removing all is thoughts. The movements leader is only known is The general. The general is control a small group of people called "The Psi-elite" The Psi-elite can do things such a telekinesis, mind control and Pyrokinesis. As the game go on, Nick is starting to remember his past, and there by knowing about the fact that he was the first person to join the Psi-elite, and the fisrt person to control all theese abilities, and as the game goes on, Nick gets a "blast from the past" remembering his training, and there by getting his powers back.

Psi-Ops is an excellent game. The game is pretty old, but you cant tell on the Graphics, that this is one of the first games on the Ps2 ever made. There is one thing though. The game is running on a graphics program called Havok. Havok turns all the dead bodies the rag dolls.

This link shows what Havok is(notice the blue doll in he car)

The controlings are very easy. you dont need to bitch about that. The camera doesn't fool you, but one thing does. When you win the game, the game says "to be continued" THE GAMES IS FROM 2002!! No game takes ten year to make, i highly doubt it.
The games story is excellent, but at the end, all of the suddent you aren't killing hordes of sodiers, but supernatural creatures. This really mess with a games motivation.
Also, the games got a multiplayer function. When you enter the function, you think that you have two charcters, buy no. Two guys control one charcter. Even for an early Ps2 game, that is just stupid.

Once you've beaten the game you can play in a training room, where you cant die. That is the best function in the whole game. You are in the training room, and on the walls there are images of all you enemies. If you click on the images, that kind of enemy will keep on spawning, until you click on the image again.

Psi-Ops is an old game, but worth playing. The game isn't much of a challange, but entertaining.
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