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Resident evil4
Resident evil4 is about Leon Scott Kennedy, who is working for the United States Government, as an agent. His newes assignment is to search for the Presidents Daughter, whom was kidnaped by an unknown force, in Spain.
Leon must face a horde of spanish zombies, and oher kinds of monsters created by the "las Plagas" a human virus, controlled by the founder of the bad guys leader Osmon Sadler.

The game it self is pretty awesome. RE4(Residen Evil4) is only available on Ps2 and Wii, but the graphics can measures with Ps3 games.
A lot of places in game you are afraid of makeing a move, because you can feel the consequences.
Calling RE4 a horror game is an overrating. the former RE games are horror games, but RE4 does have creepy moments, and the feeling that an assault can come at any moment.
the controling of the game is a real horror. it is the most difficult controling i've ever tried, but if you are an experienced games, you'll learn it very quick.
The bonus is a thing called "the mercenaries" there you play four different characters, whom is related to the game, and one whos is of litle importence in the game.
All togetaher Resident Evil4 is a good game, but gets kinda lonly.
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