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When the mob hosts a party you better find your best suit and hat and dust it off for the occasion, and for you ladies the Charleston dresses, feather-headbands and pearls is a musthave for this grand party.

To give you all a little idea about what the mob expect here’s a few ideas for suits, dresses, hats and hair. You can also give it up as the great Al Capone himself, get inspiration from Bonni and Clyde or make your entrance as a true Charleston Darling.. 

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               True gangsters                              Charleston girls                              Mr. Al Capona


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               Mobster                                   Dressed for party                              Charleston girl


4e8372226c2c128092011.jpg     4e8371e36a48d28092011.jpg     4e8371c52cc0528092011.jpg

               Moviestarhot                              Feather-headband                       True Charleston waves


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