Gateway to West Africa - What we offer

GC has a large network in West Africa (ECOWAS). We can assist you with market information, advice on entering the market (legal & fiscal) and arrange meetings for you, with the real decision makers.


GC can be your agent in countries in West Africa taking care of marketing, sales and distribution.

Sales & Marketing
Effectively marketing your event internationally
GC has one of the best contacts for Africa business.
We have carried international sales and marketing consultancy / agency work in many countries in West Africa. This work involves targeting the correct companies by telephone, fax and email, organizing national pavilions and making sure that the event is marketed worldwide by arranging barter deals with the relevant media. We also provide copy writing services for organizations that do not have English or French as their first language.
GC will be pleased to cooperate with you, especially with events focusing on Agriculture, energy, finance and investment, please do not hesitate to write or call us

CSR policy and program

We can help to design of a CSR program that suits your project best

Preparation of farming projects

GC has been involved in finding farmland and organizing land leases for more than 15.000 hectares of farmland in West Africa. 

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