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On this side you can read some small stories told by humans in the USA. Self-experienced stories. Believe it or not - it's up to you.

The Diappearing Hitchhiker
A man was driving in his car, and he saw a girl, who was hitchhicking. She made a raised-thumb signal to him. He didn't let her into his car. Few minutes and eight miles later, he saw her again. He couldn't understand how she suddenly could be so far from before, but he deceided to take her with him this time. After a little while he turned to ask her some questions. But she was gone. Disappared. Just like that.

Chester E. Hall, Los Angeles, California, December 1961

Our smelly ghost
A couple moves in to a new house, and discovers that there's a strange odor. After a while the smell begins to affect the woman, and other women, that get's into the house. It makes them tired and dissy.
One day the man wakes up from his sleep, and finds a female ghost sitting next to him on the bed. Now he has found the source of the crazyness. Later the ghost appears again, but this time being in his wife's body. She tells him, that she's going to kill her, and he gets afraid. Then the ghost disappear, and the wife becomes well and normal again. After this experience they moves out, and she gets her strength back again. 

Ward A. Roy, May 1971

Billy comes back
It's christmas eve and a family are having a nice time in the living room. Suddenly one of the children screams out loud. He has seen Billy, his dead brother. Billy has been dead for two years. Everybody sees him except his mother. She couldn't see anything.

Walter Krivda, Manitoba, Canada, June 1995

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