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What is a ghosthunter?
Ghost hunters travel to haunted places/houses. If you feel that your house is haunted by a ghost, you can call a ghost hunter and they will catch the ghost. Some ghost hunters travel the world, to find ghosts. Some of them do it to get the kick - while others do it to help people.

What are ghosthunters doing? 
In the USA you can find a lot of ghost hunters. They travel around in America to find ghosts and to catch them. They go to the haunted places, and uses a lot of equipment to find the ghost. Som of the of the ghost hunters is mediums. Ghosthunters uses a lot of different equipment. Some of them is just taking pictures, and videos with nightvision to see if there's anything strange. You can also use a handheld infrared thermometer. 
Some ghost hunters makes trips for turists and others, to come and see how they catch the ghosts.  

People's opinion about ghosthunters.
Many people is very skeptic about the fact, that you can catch a ghost. A ghost can be a dead person, and that's why someone think that it's wierd to catch them. But people's interest for ghost hunting have raised from 600 in 2006 to 1800 in 2008. 

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