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The South Africa culture has lots of stories to tell about ghosts. This subject is actually one of the bigger tourism attractions. We have found some small stories, which is stories every single ghost teller in South Africa should know. 

Ghosts in South Africa

The Cape Town Castle in the Southern Africa is home for a ghost. A ghost with a tall, lanky figure, who have haunted the castle in over 300 years. The castle was built in 1665. The ghost is one of the men who died, while he was building an underground tunnel in Johannesburg. A haunted car, probably with the ghost, has been seen driving very fast down the Port Elizabeth Highway. It has caused numerous accidents.

A long time ago in a riverbed near Beaufort West a man killed his wife. Since then people have been seeing a fast-moving light running up and down the river. They mean, that it's the angry spirit of the dead woman. Once a man rode towards it, and he ended up in a lunatic asylum.

The most famous story is about a hitchhiker. It was a stormy night in 1968, and an Air Force officer and his fiancée had a car accident just outside the town in the Kamanassie Mountains. The woman died, and the man got hurt. Since this happened, people who have travelled in the area on rainy nights have picked up a female hitchhiker. But she always disappears into the darkness again. 

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