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Myths and legends has always been a part of the African culture. For about five thousand years ago, the tribes in the Sourthern Africa began spreading to other places and closer to other people. Because of this spreading the myths and legends were mixing together, and a lot of them are still alive.
These myths have never been written down before modern time. The African people has always been telling the stories orally and not writing. Some places they have a storyteller called a griot, who preserves the oral tradition. But since the early 1800's the myths and legends has been written down, so they won't disappear by the time.
Now read some of the myths and other paranormal stories from South Africa, that we've found.

The Tokoloshe
In South Africa you can find many myths and beliefs about ghosts and evil spirits. The Bantu Folklore people has this hairy, short and dwarf-like creature in their beliefs. The name of it is Tokoloshe. It's a evil spirit, who comes, when malevolent people call them up to making trouble for others. The Tokoloshe is used to scare children, to create illness or even death.

Many maidservants of a white family believe in the Tokoloshe. They have some rituels to keep the creature away. The way to get rid of him is to call in the n’anga or witch-doctor, who has the power to banish him from the area.

The Africa culture is filled with spirits, who is invisible beings with good or evil power. The spirits are often associated with things like mountains, trees, rivers etc. Many people and small community's in South African often honor some local spirit.

Myths about how the world came to be
In Africa there's a lot of myths about people. Most of these generally are concerned about origins of social communities as clans and kingships. 
But there's also many myths about how the world came into existence. Some African people believe that some gods called Nummo hatched from an egg. Other groups believe's that the world was formed from the body of an enormous snake. 

A group called the Fon people of Benin believes, that the world began with a pair of twins, who created it. It were Mawu (moon) and Lisa (sun). Their son Gu came to world in form of a iron sword and then became a blacksmith. He had to prepare the world for people. He taught them how to make tools, så they could build shelters and grow food.
Other thinks that the creator was a spirit, who also was things as a flower, a bird or a lizard. 
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