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Our opinion 
We believe in ghosts, but not the excessive part of what a ghost is capable of. An example could be a ghost killing a human. We don't believe, that it's possible. It's not possible for a ghosts to touch a human directly or hurt it to dead. But we do think, that a ghost can show it selves for people, who are alive. An example to this could be a dead two years old child appears on christmas eve for his family. 

The Danes opinion
43 percent of Danish women believes in ghosts and spirits. Overall the Danes are very superstitious in many intentions. 
Many religious people says, that there're ghosts that consequent affects the Danes in many ways.
16 percent claims that they have seen a ghost.
28 percent believes that some human can get in touch with people, who is dead.
But there is also those Danes who does not believe in ghosts. Statistics shows, that 54 percent does not have faith in ghosts, spirits and paranormal activities. 
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