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Swing with Confidence: Sharpening Your Golf Swing

If you’re finding your self increasingly frustrated or short-tempered on the golf course, you might find some comfort knowing that what you are doing wrong can probably easily be fixed, even if it’s a lot of things going wrong. You might yawn at the thought of revisiting fundamentals, but it’s what the pros preach for improving your game and it’s why golf trainers get paid the big bucks.

Smart golf is strong golf

Watching the pros swing a golf club can be poetry in motion. Although you can gain some insight into how you should be swinging by watching the golf tournaments at home, you should be spending a large portion of your time on the less entertaining and more fulfilling aspect of golf fundamentals.

Keep your body balanced and your swing will follow

What this means is: to give your self the best opportunity for a clean, crisp swing; align your body so that energy is not wasted on keeping your balance. Try imagining yourself on a set of train tracks, with your feet on one side and the ball on the other; this creates an imaginary boundary to prevent you from losing the parallel alignment between you and the ball.

Don’t tense-up when thinking about these things, just make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. This keeps your weight evenly distributed and the maximum twist when you are in your swinging motion. If you start getting lazy with your posture, you’ll notice just how drastic your shot can change, and not to mention more stress being placed on your shoulders, hips, and ankles.

Making adjustments

If you can find a good rhythm while running some practice drills or out in the driving range, you will essentially program your muscles to feel the correct swinging motion. You can do some counting between your swinging motions, using the old “one-one-thousand” timing for flag football rules. Just count one second between the rise and fall of the club, this will let you know if you’re rushing your motion, fluidity is key.

One last way to practice more modern golf swing fundamentals are by sandwiching your club between two balls and practicing your swing. If you kicked the ball behind your club far enough to where you have to run and go get it, then you’re probably rushing too much. These swing plane best aids are highly effective at giving you the most consistent results on the tee and on the green. Don’t every believe you are too good for practicing beginners drills, because you’re never going to be.

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