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4b68bc86da01903022010.jpg    Hello, everybody...

    my name is Yan Zheng, I'm 19 years old and I come from a small city called Fu Qing in china. Before I come to Denmark I don't think my hometown is beatifull enough, may be I've live there so many years and I just be accustomed to the people and scenery there.I can't find it's beauty. but oneday when I visit my friend's blog, there has a flash to show the architecture and scenery of fuqing, I shocked. my hometown is amazing,I never notice that. so I wanna share it with all of you.


This is the link of the scenery of fu qing:

I love my hometown not only because it's beauty but also the food here. this is my favorite:      


so If you have a chance to go to my hometown, you must try all those food.

 It's nearly 1 year when I came to Denmark, I get so much from this year, I konw how to handle some problem by myself and cook for myself, may be someone can't understand it's a difficult thing that all the things I should down by myself.  because in china somepeople in my age their are still a childen and stay with their parents. for them, parents just like a harbor gives  comfort. For me, study abroad it's a challenge and let me grow up.

The reason for me being here is I like making some electronic products in plactice,but when I study ET. I find ET knowledge needs a lot of IT knowledge to complete, but I'm unfamiliar about IT knowledge. so I retake first semester to learn IT.I want to know more about it in order to be a excellent Electronic producer .

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