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  • Hey guy's. Will's here And welcome to my Website.
    Soon this page will be over filled with My photos, Videos, and Texts (songs,novels,diary cut, and in the end my roman the fairytale of Vergil, son of hades) 

    I currently work for Fona and electronic (two great EL companies in DK.) however i LAO have a free time job as a game tester for "Troldspejlet" (a Danish Game and comic news and testing program) 

    Im studying a wide area of science, and om focusing on 2 educations ringt now, a medie Graphic (to start my own Media and El Company(like google,microsoft and apple, just a dream anyway.)
    the other one is to become a game creater and game designer, an really tough and long education, but its my dream to create my own universe in a game that lots of humans can get attracted to.
    (im such a nerd x'D
    You can contact me on the following sites : 
    Facebook: www.facebook/
    Twitter: www.Twitter/
    Mmosite: www.mmosite/
    Skype: Growlergrunt

  • and by mail -

    That was all for know. 
    Cya 8')

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